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Shot blocked from behind. By Lama Nado, and here come the kernels the other way Roberts. What about a deep three? But he gets it up top to Hoskins. The free throw line law. Manado bounce pass the Hoskins, right? Block fatally shot is no good off the rim. And the backboard rebound by Higley. Wayne State with the ball down by fourteen they trailed by nineteen and a half time. Glenn Davis on a little street coming up on John Henderson. He wasn't set. The second team second on. We've State Warriors already in the bonus. States are attacking the basket a little bit more than the offensive and get themselves. The free throw line wait seat the fourth best three third shooting team in the gliac on the season coming in at seventy five percent, but has been the case. So I tonight, although they are four for four here in the second half. Roberts at the elbow. Right side, jump shot is good. He's having tonight. Sebastian gentlewoman got eleven points. Only two point three half the season fifty five thirty nine sixteen point carnally thirteen twenty to go. Davis up the Murray white. Not made a three game down to Murray on the right block Louis the Davis. He fires the three. It's short remount is fought for by hugely out of bounds. It'll be Saginaw valley basketball. Atlanta's hot in the first half a ten points. Is that scored yet here in half number two? Louis over to Roberts. Roberts driving baseline got fouled by Murray and Eric Roberts. Jack Roberts use me. We'll shoot too. I found Kareem thirteen felon. Wayne State Roberts. Twenty at twenty six on the year for the foul line..

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