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M. Coulter the corona virus sent shock waves through Wall Street this week but today's decline was relatively modest compared to earlier sessions the Dow was off three hundred fifty seven points and nasdaq actually ended up a fraction CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger this was the worst week for U. S. stocks since October of two thousand eight that's really at the heart of the financial crisis and all this is coming as there is investor concern that the spread of the corona virus is really starting to take a different form president trump is blaming the media and some Democrats for the corona virus scare but global health officials do find reason for concern CVS's defilement reports the World Health Organization has raised concern about corona virus to its highest level very high the chief of the organization Tetris giver yes use says the virus is spreading Denmark Estonia Lithuania Netherlands and Nigeria have all reported their first cases France now has fifty seven confirmed cases French president macron says France is preparing for an epidemic Steve Futterman CBS news a three judge DC appeals court panel is taking a hands off approach to the dispute over whether former White House counsel don McGann should testify before Congress Loyola law professor Laurie Levenson a big case but basically the court said they're not going to get involved they said that they didn't have jurisdiction there punting on the case at least in its current posture and they're not going to get into the middle of a controversy between Congress and the White House president trump is again nominated Republican lawmaker John Radcliffe for the director of national intelligence CBS's Stephen Portnoy with more it's the second time the president has tapped the Texas congressman disturbs the nation's spy chief John Radcliffe withdrew from consideration last summer amid questions from senators about whether he exaggerated aspect of his resume right click he's proved himself to be a fierce advocate for Mr trump a house committee hearings and in television interviews South Carolina weighs in on the democratic presidential race in tomorrow's primary CBS's Jim crystal is there while they may be divided over candidates South Carolina Democrats are excited and ready to vote Thomas Hickey is worried though about senator Bernie Sanders appeal I'm scared of the revolution the primary is open which means Republicans can vote there so there's so many of them around here we're scared the number of Jim chrysalis CBS news Greenville South Carolina once again on Wall Street the Dow fell three hundred fifty seven points nasdaq up a fraction this is CBS news save up to forty five percent during del semi annual sale on business laptops and desktops with Intel core processors call eight seven seven by dell or visit dell dot com slash business deals.

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