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It's just, it's just, I don't think they would move her. And I mean, I don't know. You know, this is my own personal opinion. This is no breaking news. But I just don't think that they would give her up because I just think she fits so perfectly to the puzzle. Here in D.C. for Eric Tebow, the new head coach. A shorter way of saying that as I Ariel Atkins is better than Alicia grey. Look, but she's also too young. I said that. Ariel Atkins is two years younger and frankly, she's just a little bit better of a player. And that's not not gonna Alicia gray, I'm comparing we're comparing gold medalists we're comparing all star to the all star contenders for comparing players that can win. But to me, I would rather have very lakins. I think the mystics would too. I think they see her as a franchise player. Absolutely. Especially at her age, she's 26. She's a very she's a very young still. Yeah. And she'll get paid next year, but I think the mystics are going to be happy that they're keeping her. So then the other option would be my issue shines out. I don't feel like getting too far into that, but I just don't see that happening either 'cause my shine sound has two years left on her deal. And they play such different positions and then kind of becomes a little bit redundant with the other talent you have. But maybe Washington's a possibility, the other three teams, though, really have nothing in the vein of a player that would help Dallas win. Not necessarily next year, but just within this core, there's not really a player there that you should look and say, hey, that's someone I would trade Alicia grey for, even one year of Alicia. So to me, I think she's going to end up staying put in less that money, unless another team is going to offer a lot for early sugary, which could happen because she's an awesome player. I could see her being LA being involved. I could see a bunch of teams trying to get involved with her. And I just think for Dallas, I would say, hey, we're going to see what happens in restricted free agency, because if we get a deal on mabry and McAllen, and you can come back and play, we all know gray is a professional. She's not going to, you know, go out and give out, give less than whatever a 100%. She's not going to pull an unnamed former rockets player and come into the season very out of shape. So crazy to come in and compete because she's a competitor. Well, James. So that means I didn't say anything. Okay. I didn't settle. I'll take that. Long we're saying, if I'm Dallas, you got to blow me away with an offer because I think Alicia gray is going to help us win next year. And she wants to leave after that. That's her prerogative, but I'm not trading her. So that's my take on the Alicia gray trade. Yeah, I think she stays too. I just don't think, you know, again, I don't think teams are going to give up players at that level at this point where all the teams mentioned are still trying to grow. They don't know in Chicago if quickly is coming back. They're still a lot of questions on roster. So I just think people are going to hold what they have, right? Burden the hand. Well, and things may change by the time the draft rolls around as well. True. And maybe there's an opportunity for Dallas to trade up and get someone that they want. And they think can really fit in because they will need rookie contracts that work. I just don't. I don't see that happening in any time in the immediate future. But I'm not always right. We were so speculative, but it's fun to speculate. I'd said mental gymnastics is part of this whole deal, though. There it is. That's a whole little session right there for you. So we hit everything that had on the WNBA news. Oh, brianne, January, coming back to coach for the Connecticut sun. Yes. And it was just her birthday, too. And oh wait, they had someone else too. It was, it was Brian January. And karima Christmas. Kelly, Kelly's back. Is she also in them? I thought Connecticut are where is she? Or is she Indiana? She might, I think she's in an Indiana. I know Monica Wright is in Phoenix as the existing general manager. Which is funny. It's a big deal because the Phoenix is now always had an assistant general manager seems like they put it in a little bit more money there, which is fantastic. And now I'm looking, I am looking for this cream. I'm just going to I saw a post the other day about how she's coaching summer, but I don't know, I don't think it's Connecticut. I think it's Indiana. Indiana. In Indiana, she is with Christy sides. Yeah, Christy sides was just at the end Lin Dunn. They were just at the Maryland Indiana game. Last night. That's a great transition. It was really great. It was good. See how good that is? Perfect. Courtside right here on her hoops podcast. Just a well oiled machine. Midseason baby,

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