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No but it down the line of keys earned shirt lou and now an eta insured learned alignments wonder if what if you forgot to get rid of that line of text tax inuit in the mall dan i could but we're getting pretty far field from let's talk about gadsby for a second the observation that ernest vincent right made was that he was far and away the most abundant letter in ridden english but but and he exaggerated some degree in his in his introduction day gadsby he says that the lottery appears five times more than any other letter which is not close to true what is the unless unless you're saying ellen degeneres elena generous renee zellweger renee zellweger fees bs if you're running away bs there are five times as many ease any other evolve cheese these bs early matiz seve but these are all things that cannot be said in the book gadsby his idea with gadsby was to write a book of novel length fifty thousand words hundreds of thousands of letters that does not once contain the letter e the most common letter in english why he can use why just can't houston for your every time atlanta georgia 1979 are you scare yes one by one kids are going missing with no explanation of black 15yearold male who lived in the same area where three other children have disappeared there was a real life monster on the loose the city of atlanta demanded answers in a city kids get killed unfortunately nobody cares by 1980 won the fbi was involved in one of the largest manhunts in us history and eventually they put one man behind bars.

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