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Episode three and irish devils coal by our w murphy the bar area was a relatively large open space joe and i set they're chatting with the bartender her. The woman with a child was kind of huddled off in a corner on the opposite side of the room at about eleven thirty pm. I i felt tug at my elbow. It was the lady with the child in her arms. I was surprised by her approach but even more surprised allies but what she had to say. There were never any introductions between all of us. She may have been listening to our conversation with the bartender. Whatever made her feel. We were safe. It was still odd when she told joe in may that she was going to midnight church service nearby and asked asked if we would go with her and her child there are three of four churches within reasonable walking distance of that corner beacon street the catholic cathedral would probably have been more a cab ride than walk with babe in arms as padre today. It seems to me see that is what she had in mind but it could have been one of the other closer churches. The actual church is moot. We were hardly in the church-going mindset sits. It was now after eleven thirty. I told her that the best plan was for her to go ahead without us us and we would meet her at the church shortly. I hope she did not reserve space in a pew for us because we never showed the services is a cheers at midnight seem to fulfil our spiritual needs just fine right about then again in retrospect a sawyer woman with babe in arms seemingly alone on a dark christmas eve night asking for the companionship of strangers was it a lifeline highflying being thrown by opposing forces to data the fallen angels who had been guiding has so far had we accepted her invitation with the balance of our trip turned out differently to the former most would only say who knows although others more inclined would swear very clearly a sign to the latter question. There's actually very little to ponder by spurning that mess approach. We likely made the next few hours virtually inevitable. We were not aware but clearly chosen a side. Since we were the only customers in the place he was willing to keep serving as gratis just to keep him company until his closing time which was a few hours off still in a brief moment of lucidity and realizing it had now actually become christmas per se hey we opted to decline his generosity and began our egress back. Out of boston was only about twelve thirty a m late late but reasonably explainable to our parents. It was hardly the first time we had partied together and being m._i._a. For a few ours wouldn't cause too much concern even so it was somewhat rude that we didn't call tell them always okay. I knew knew it would not be all roses when we got back but it was really a small san and no one would want to make bigger christmas day besides we have been successful at securing the president of all presence from the publishers rep again the beer logic having now been made more found by scotch logic allowed me to rationalize away how my mother might react to her eldest child and her youngest child gal leaving her to worry for hours. I was pretty sure it was a survivable faux pas on our part however there we're still more advanced to unfold that night that caused that conclusion to be far off the mark. I said earlier earlier. The part of this story is missing in my mind. It starts about here some my call it a blackout drunk. I personally don't think it rises to that diagnosis. However what is absolutely undeniable is that roughly twelve thirty a._m. to one thirty a._m. December twenty five nineteen eighty five is not recorded anywhere in my memory banks <music> as much as i have strained recall that our it is indeed missing apparently ad infinitum what makes the missing missing our the lynch pin of this entire story is that as navigator on our jot it was up to me to find a way from a barstool a cheers to a warm cozy bed fifteen miles out in the suburbs joe had no experience with the subway system and i wrote out would not be exactly backtracking the one which again none of the nearest t. stations were the one we're used earlier in the morning. All i recall is telling joe as we exited cheers that we had to find the park street station on the opposite side of boston common. I knew from experience that most of the lines intersected there..

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JOE, Boston, Catholic Cathedral discussed on R.W. Murphy Book News

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