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Lot of times to Lee way are the outcomes. Will we define ourselves by the outcomes of our project and a lot of times a lot? It's not because something fell through allowed comes. It's not our fault it's just it's external factors so I think it's important for me to also find your way into other things and I feel like maybe I do find more control in any kind of putting more my some of that same maybe not more but at least some of that same energy that I put into for work things that I will still put in or side project or if I want to like a I call them paint parties by paint. Carney's it's just me painting on my floor by myself so Arado. I really do think that there is joy on all around us. I think it's just are sometimes kind of feel scheduled or like our responsibility but in living in a world where things are so crazy and things do move around so fast schedule. Misao thirty or trying to keep up a thing. I just WANNA correct. Well Hey if I have to schedule time for me to like live in if I put on my calendar go have fun been less do but I find joy my friends and also I find a lot of joy going to concerts to seeing live music. So that's something that I don't think I'll ever get tired out so I'm always at somebody sponsored. That's something I can keep up. What advice would you give to somebody that wants to break into the AD Industry today? I'd say okay cool. I'm glad that I'm so happy enough. Seen in As an option I think that there are resources and I think also too. It's interesting now they'd be like the game is.

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