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And we go to traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Davidson Droney. How are those roads looking? They are messy today. Madison Low visibility Very slippery. Those hearing lots of crashes and spinouts going to start up north 93 South bound, backed up about 3.5. Miles from spot pond down into Medford. 93. North Bound James meth through into the New Hampshire state line. Rue one slow but moving. Okay. Chelsea to Lynnfield, The operator, 1 28 cell phone, you lot That from Route one to Salem Street in Lynnfield to spin out there for 95 both ways. James over a mile through behavioral in Merrimack, by Broad street over the mass state line. 93 cell phone You locked up four miles to a crash in Canterbury. Further south, You're in it again for about five miles from route 89 down with hooks that tolls and going out west to east bound to crash, Right, Shirley Street and Lancaster to West bouncing heavier backups route, Not 1 90 right up past through 12 and lemon stop. 4 95 North bound Jim's two miles up past West Main Street in Hopkinton, or 95 south hit heavy delays before and after route to 90 and Marlboro onto 90 westbound heavy three miles worth from 1 42, a spin out over the Queen CIC Bridge in Worcester to 90 East, another heavy spot 2.5 miles through Northborough to the summoned to Solomon Pond Road on the pike westbound heavy before the child in service Plaza, and then you're gonna hit it delays to a crash by Route 89 in Sturbridge, David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes and the four day forecast is sponsored by Toyota of Raintree with the latest on this storm, and what's coming up we go live to AC you others. Dave Samuel Dave. Medicine. We're looking at another 2 to 3 hours of steady so out there, it's already really piled up on the jackpot area seems to be from 1 28 towards the Rhode Island of border. We're seeing amounts over 10 inches. In some cases, That's Norwood seeing 10 inches already almost other places between six and seven inches, though in that corridor. Meanwhile, we're seeing amounts of highest four inches towards Wester, the South Coast and towards the Cape. It spent a little light be there, but I think the heaviest snow is yet to come. That will snow a south of Boston well into the evening in downtown Boston, though the snow should come to an end. Around seven o'clock, maybe eat a clock in that time frame, But then temperatures will drop. Well, why that all the way at 20 degrees, so slush will freeze solid out there. It will stay chilly, but we'll see more snow chances as we head through the rest of the upcoming week. Mackey Weathers, Dave Samuel WBZ Boston's news Radio Washington's birthday sales event is on to function. Toyota Braintree is celebrating with the specials.

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