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Is BITCOIN BITCOIN radio. It's your man Joe Blackburn. I'm joined by the scam manse. Jim Scam Pola. What's going on? Jim What do my man you gotta be careful communist scam mangum. People take that literally in this this neck of the woods. People don't take kindly the jokes about scams bear. Yes my name is Jim Scam. Poli welcome. BITCOIN radio I'm here to announce that I will be eating my own Dick by the end of this year. That's true you could take that to the bank. Thank you could put it in your pike. Okay they can cash the check on it Because I have integrity unlike certain other other people that will remain nameless. ooh sounds like John. Mack is getting called out by the great one. Jim Scam. Poli everybody now first and foremost before you. You say that you're more endanger people being mad that you're calling herself the scamander in front of them and it's really calling you that because other people like to be called the scam person. Listen you know guy or girl. So you're not in danger of like people getting mad at your bank the scam man. You could be like the anti scam in how about that. Can I call you the anti scam. Man I guests. I'll take it. I'll take it. I'm just I'm just trying to keep my image Johnny. My image in the CRYPTO space Unlike others unlike maxine unlike certain antivirus mogol moguls. That will remain nameless. And Wow I can't even I believe I mean. I know it's kind of on topic but I'm surprised. They haven't made him change his name or change the name. But I guess it's just branding at this point right. Yeah you can't change the McAfee brand. I mean dude. Have you ever watched his His videos on Youtube about like the commercials for McAfee and stuff No no there are incredible. I mean they're not just kind of incredible. They are incredible. There are the most bad ass. John Mack lighting hundred dollar bills on fire. There's fifty women women in like you know Bouda tire and his wife Janice who have got obviously got a chance to interview here interviewing both on here. You know his wife's kind of right there like just directing directing traffic. Do pull it up on Youtube Mammal sure and we could talk about John. Mexico's I still love John McAfee. I don't care what anybody says. You can't tell me you didn't know he wasn't. Yeah I know you're the Anti Gay man so therefore you know you can sniff out anti-spam all day long. You think he was really scamming folks. Well see my thing is like I know you already. You guys already talked about this on your previous show and I know people have already been kind of discussing and it's it's not not even so much that I'm disappointed in him saying he's not gonna eat his own Dick because obviously he wasn't gonna eat his own Dick. I'm not surprised by that and clearly. This is not going to happen uh-huh but I did expect him to. Maybe have a better payoff For the his statements the big thing I mean the thing that I'm more disappointed appointed in is that. He's trying to throw bitcoin under the bus in a way Instead of just saying like hey talking shit trying to get attention in you eight right right out of my hands. He has to be like yeah. You know I'm not gonNA eat my own Dick but also coined socks like I mean. I'm paraphrasing here. But you know what does he say. Dates and ancient technology new oblige privacy. Smart contracts disrupted APPs and more and more bitcoins. Our Future was the model. TV The future automobile. So he's kind of trying to disconnect himself completely and that's not making points there are some points we've talked about on this very show about bitcoin in in general how it is Kinda slow and maybe not as efficient to get more widespread like. It's one of the big hurdles for mass adoption chirp Again I'm just I get the Dick thing that's all about getting the attention. I just feel like they need bitcoin under the bus. And that's what hurts. That's the knife in the heart that he's twisted and turned well. Let me tell you Jim and although I appreciate your assessment and I don't disagree with why you say those things. I can tell you this since John McAfee said that. BITCOIN is up to eighty three hundred dollars do that. That's not that's not because of McAfee. You're no there. There's some very serious things happening in this. Obviously which I don't want to make light of but you know what that's genius and I'm sure McAfee that's could be his next step as next tweet like. Oh look what's happening and I make a little comment And look at the look at the pricing. AM is genius. But you mean like Jim. Let's be real though on. Hold on hold on hold on let me ask you let me ask you real quick. What's up ash by the way? So if you're John McAfee clearly whether you win or lose the bet I mean first off not winning. The bet you know is irrelevant. Where if you win the bet you just look complete bad ass in your super-rich it right now along with everybody else but like we know for a fact as you already knowledge John McAfee was not physically going to chop his flesh off? I I don't care if it was a finger. That was his bet let alone his sexual organ that he still apparently is able to use at a very high level according to in numerous reports. Nothing I I've seen the netflix documentary. Okay I mean we all have for one way or the next now if anybody thought or consider consider this to be legitimate bet clearly you know though I think even those giving them the hardest I were or reject or joking in their own right but the attention and the excitement and the rob behind that I don't that's a that's a donald trump style of of marketing. I guess you could say right. I mean love doesn't matter. This is relevant to politics. That's how donald trump gets across. That's how John mcphee crosses a lot of similarities. I talked about this before but but it works. It freaking works. Guess How many times people talk about on t alone John. He's going to chop chop off. They can eat it. He's GonNa lose the bet on every day. There's twenty six posts of the exact same thing. Oh the ticketing and as I said I believe probably one of the main reasons why John Max finally came out and said it was because somebody was making money off the dictating dot com. Yeah I just I get I guess again. I think I just gave him credit because I thought maybe you'd have a better bit to pay it off. Somehow he could have been created with it. I agree he could have been creative and again I just I do take a little umbrage because I feel like he. He tried to save face by throwing bitcoin under the bus. But I mean I guess he does say like Hey. My plan was to get wider spread adoption. And I kind of did that. I mean you can't really deny he did get people talking like you just said although was it the the McAfee marketing Train or was it. The you know crypto. BITCOIN marketing to train that he was pushing. Okay so I I'm of the opinion and I I hate to even go on record since we are live in. This'll be the podcast tomorrow. Ah but I believe that Alz are really really close. Not all most all aucoin should not make the move up but a lot volts that have weathered the storm that have weathered this winter. Bitcoin hasn't been a winner by the way Bitcoin went from three thousand one hundred dollars ars and December two thousand eighteen and alter twenty nine hundred. All it did was go up. It went up a lot. Came Back Down retrace little bit and then we've had a really positive start at twenty twenty nineteen and it's really awesome to be able to say by the way Jim that twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen twenty nineteen. We've had this just gradual even even through that amazing bull run at twenty seventeen. We've had this really. I would say pretty pleasant experience. It's besides one and a half months of awesomeness and it was incredible and Jim. It was incredible all those moments in time watching bitcoin past hand and go to nineteen like in a week. That was incredible dude right but unfortunately worship happened now because now we're all sitting here like twenty seventeen but we're higher than we were before that massive mass run past ten thousand nine hundred six so I I mean this is this is healthy man like we're a healthy zone with consolidated we retraced. We've we've come back up we've reconsolidated we've shown that there's some strength. I think that six seven and eight you know. Hopefully we'll hold eighty three hundred and And I just look at like the market as it's it's potentially about the move now. What if that's what McAfee henning? What if he's like? Hey vick old that's how do you. How do you get people to re tweet and talk and get mad say bitcoins? The olden. Can't you can't work anymore. And what have McAfee is really just a champion of people. What if or or what? What if what if he's just a you know EGO MANIAC Attention Hungry Old Man old crazy man. You know what if now I mean. Don't get me wrong I yes I mean. It's probably all true to an extent. I don't think he hates people. I don't think he he. He wants people to get hurt but I don't think he he cares for anything. Other than I. First and foremost I will say this. He does give a shit about privacy and liberty he cares about those things not just for himself for everybody. There is an ideology there that he stands behind that that is what he believes. Leaves Kennedy get rich doing it. That's what I also think that he's one hundred percent behind that so anyways as we kind of moved past topic I don't I don't necessarily mean that we have to leave it but I I will say I don't hate the way that he's done. It brings a lot of attention and it causes a lot of drama which works well for Social Media folks and I don't mean to put you on the spot and I guess you don't have what answers they wait on it but I watched the documentary. Is John McAfee a murderer. What is John McAfee murderer? He's a murderer right and coming in and out Bro. You're coming in out. Obviously there's a lot of people who think he is. He was never well. Did I mean even. The documentary wasn't literally him. Who killed him right? Okay I didn't realize is that. Yeah he.

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