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Now. You and i have an idea which i feel like we should you know play some nerd bingo nerd herd the characteristics matching number and <hes> so charles gay pick from a list of characteristics and he's one of these guys has a placard and they're going to check off when their nerdy characteristic is call whoever gets three in a row all right all right go serb ingo nerd bingo number be five b five was in school band. We're were you in school band. No orchestra nice count one for orchestra. All right who points today come on stirred turn out to be nine attended kamikadzedead. The comecon double double to okay. Be three knows what pandas stands for p. M. v. a. s. I have no idea member division. Multiplication exponent power is the thing that you unravel aval equations with him. I have some sad news charles. Lou has one give me. I'm unworthy genial face. I what did the monica know how to unfold my equation up all right so there's a higher level of nanotubes. I gladly share my word with you. Sir sir charles in your day. What was it like being a nerd well. I'm i'm a little older than you so there might be an interesting comparison here by the time i was certifiably nerdy. It was starting to become cool. Microsoft wbt apple some of those great billionaires that we today recognize as captains of industry yet billionaires yet but they were starting to get some credit. Okay okay so you would never given a wedgie and slammed into the lockers. No okay if you came just in time for that to not correct okay. I got very lucky in my day that happened. Oh ooh you not to me. Oh i was nerd jock okay so i could. I you know i carried my slide rule on my hip. Wa wa wa wa so but i felt deeply connected with the nerd community unity so when i saw one being being a beaten up i that to me was an assault on all nerds everywhere so i had in my head that were i to be a superhero. It would be nerd protector. Thank you very deeply. I mean that it's eerily and because the nurse had no protectors in the day not until the popular kids needed us to help them with their computer and they're you know math homework and this sort of thing..

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