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Shred your body products they show the guy who is constantly in the gym working out like doing some cockamamie you strap it on and electrodes take the fat away like that's all nonsense like at least tony horton basically said you wanna look like me there's no cheating there's no place were the app it doesn't work scrape the app remember the infomercials like the guy doing the ab roller like this guy that is in the gym for four hours a day six days the roller i'm sorry it doesn't work that way tony work at least like this is gonna kick your ass for fifty minutes but if you do it you'll look like how many times you said tony horton kept thinking a tim hortons zona different guy named tony horton isn't that right danny i thought that was his name maybe i have a robot talkie kito you you tony danny chastise me earlier today for eating a banana he goes boy really the sex sex listen if you're going to have three of them a day and never get up off your rear end and i'd get danny's points to stop it everybody doesn't work out like danny curious hours i've worked out probably more in the last ten days and you've worked out in twenty nine true that's maximum boost comments about me so but you don't have to make any statements about me three pinson you say if you don't work go daddy doesn't work out wait what by three we've worked to get thousand seven seven.

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