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Latest showed up i see um islamic staging at sit in this and the number of protests increase in islamabad hmd prophet we are here for you uh uh global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries in san francisco i'm ed baxter this is bloomberg angie tolerate at king's let's get back to our conversation with willing hef east coast theo head research p r c macro william no doubt you and everybody else so we were watching the official and ties in manufacturing pmi is out this week bloomberg intelligence colleague likely steady what does this mean for the commodity rally that we've been seeing especially iron or does have legs aarp and berger over your onto a career berkeley uh pmis and for industrial propaganda is it gonna be week i think he's gone cars coming are already indications can we run for uh lynn is actually operating rates for the medical sort of security significant nation uh in the past six weeks uh so we expect them to kind of underwhelmed uh thermal uh to the process we also expect uh to be down a bit up based on our own future inflation gauge with tracked very closely with with coffee so for commodities are certain pockets for copper and nickel were a little bit more optimistic but for iron ore you know look inventory levels and we're still production and apparent demand for steel was right now that though certain clothing suspected ira nor still have linked to falling apart down about twenty percent in the past six weeks or so said william baer right and we do see uh back in some of the chinese industrial players big manufacturers names semi do you wait for the dust to settle in you become a buyer at that point do you just ignore completely the old economy story and focus on technology we are better work in the old economy story still a big piece of market happen so uh you know i think this could give rise to new questions about you know what is.

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