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Show. I bet you. Chris go to website. What's the website today. I will let you know some he is. It might be your presence in the room added. We'll i told him. I told you though somebody presents today. But i'm going to good mood but you're trying to support my movement older stuff for bro. You have to heal and move on at some point There's enough heartache with the houston fans in houston stone going on right now dexter. This continues i'm gucci. That i'm all right. So that's that's a little takeout or paul pierce and everything that's going on with the truth he's gonna be working for a adult website. My brother's crazy. We'll see how that happens. We'll see what happens here all right. So let's get into the main meat of the sandwich i wanna say. This is awesome cheeseburger. And this is the meet one on top. We have luka doncic on the bottom we have zion williamson right to up and coming superstars in the nba. Both twenty five years old in a recent top twenty five It had luca danni but one and it has zion wiltz number two. When ask you guys a question about these. Two athletes ask you a couple of questions about athletes right now. The first question asked you as both men are in a draft. Who are you drafting. First luca danni or ziya williams. We'll take that. I won't be the dive survey. Oh man. I'm taking luca man good man has now no right and not even not even glancing glancing at the potential i don zion williamson has can you shoot. No i'm okay. Okay i mean. Hey that's fine and dandy right right. I need us where it the floors but he to go ahead and hey. He can't do that for me right now. If i'm building escort now he may be a piece later on right but if you ask me if who on taking art gotta take the one gives me more. He got more tools. And i was saying i do any of the hammer or do. I need a screwdriver or saw. Gimme more tools more utilities man lou. I'm filling man i'm fine. We might have christmas replacement riseborough. Hey look crew what you don't they don't take the bait. Don't take the bate trying to get this into it. And he's been he's been trying to get me back for saturday bro. Yeah lopez rather show you go. Hey chris what'd you got who you got who you pick it. It's to me. It's clearly danja broke because it's a guard dominated league. You got to draft luca. i so i have much else to say. A guard dominated league. You can't take zion williamson overlook down you. Just can't i'm. I'm which are much i mean i'm a i'm a dallas mavericks fan man so i gotta stay home but gimme gimme the guy to sees floor. Give me the guy that has experienced to give the has the confidence who's been available as well right and right now i mean when you look at what's going on in the nba. Right now. i mean lucas easily. Atop what top. Fifteen top twenty player. All the grace right. Now are talking about luca. This guy is right now. You know about it so let me take a memphis zion. And and i've. I've been saying this from beginning. You know his size the way he plays. We don't know if he's going to be able to do that long term so in term in if he changes not only his body but his his entire game which is gonna be tough is going to be very difficult but we changes how he plays and really spreads the four then we can really start talking about something else man. But there's gotta be luca right now all three of you bring up some very interesting points very very interesting points now. I'm going to play devil's advocate. Here okay okay. I'm taking too because he. He's the most skillful player out of to playing devil's advocate. I'm telling you why. I'm choosing zion williamson. Just look at his athletic ability which writer athletic ability and look at how he's grown in the past couple of gangs f. I didn't even know he can handle the ball down the ball right now. They are actually running. Plays around zion williamson right now. There was a happening. I efforts he doesn't have a right hand. We can develop peaking bill the right hand. Okay i mean a cry drexler. Didn't have a left hand. But he was. He was able to to drill down or that don't do that. Don't do that. You're talking about one of houston's findings but i'm telling you is i'm telling you the truth he can shoot okay so you're gonna go you got you. You're trying to compare. That compare have left hand. And i'm telling you why didn't have lived in either a right hand I just didn't have a left hand. Okay and dresser is one of the best players in nba history. Okay oh god. Zion williamson can develop all these tools. Who has the most upside. I can argue. Desire has the more upside than look. Notches would what you can. Argue are we. Are we talking. We're talking about athletic ability or are we talking about husky basketball shoe being a pure basketball. Because there's a there's a difference to go here. I'm being own. Hey i do apologize being rude as all all pac has long anyway. So i can argue. I say that exit. Why do that. Why did there. But as far as arguable now is arguable. that zaia lewis has more of a side. Right he has more potential to become a mega superstar in this league with luca dodge right now. We'll just see what you get. You can argue that. He's not going to improve that much more than what he already doing. But zaire wilson can like you just said he can improve his handles. He can improve his shooting right. He can improve driving to. He's already improving now. By the way we look at the way the perkins bring basketball right. Now is night and day. Compared to last season this season the last season during this kind of feelings zion out. They weren't playing basketball through him This year playing basketball through him. And he's developing quite nicely. So if i'm looking to draft. This is playing devil's advocate here. I can draft zion williamson now. Because i believe he has more upside than luka doncic. Wow so you take Evening devil's advocate. I know you wanna be devil's advocate. What if you say. I feel because this is the same. Do that will take john. Moran over Zion williamson listen and more importantly. I want to know this. This is an individual that was on this podcast. That said and i quote he will take john moran over zion williamson and i think that's a problem and you know inouye i will take john moran. It's funny chris. Bring this up because he just stated when you have a point guard. They tried to drag. You're going to take their point guard. You just have to. Now go to lee or i know. That's i'm just trying to say you're saying is the league but you wanna clown for taking jami rant over zion. And i'm not saying. John moran is as talented or skillful as luca. Danni as i do understand that. But that's a whole story for jerry. I knew i brought that your every episode. You got this. Go back every episode. He brings that. But like i said playing devil's advocate zion williamson. He has a lot of potential to grow into league. And i just think that he has more upside right now than dodgers. I'm not saying now take this. I guess they're playing devil's advocate. Doesn't i mean.

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