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Play for Jon Gruden. The Raiders. It is. It's on the left hand. She's a right foot. A kicker. It gives him a better angle to make this Phil go. Trance seed will snap a J. Cole will hold. This is Daniel Carlson for the lead. Carlson signals he's ready. Here's the snap ball down. The kick is on the way and it is good. The clock shows 19 seconds to go and the Raiders have taken the lead. It's Las Vegas, 25. It's Miami. 23 19 seconds left Dolphins out of timeouts and Daniel Carlson may have just given the Raiders They're eight victory of the season. Minutes could be extremely tough for the Miami Dolphins to go down there in 19 seconds with no timeouts. Unless you get a Fantastic kick return to move the ball down the field somehow. But that was that Last drive be aggressive play calling by John Group and the aggressive decision making by Derek Carr of seeing the same type of play that was called before, so they ran this type of play. They see the middle of the field safety come out of there, and they said, Hey, you gotta throw the post when he does that. They did so got the pass interference. Leading up to this extra or for the field go to to get the lead. How important would it would be for the Raiders tonight? Raiders have not been 500 or better since 2016. And just three times since 2000 and two have they had at least eight wins in a season. Would get there with a win tonight and keep those very slim playoff hopes alive is Carlson drives the kick through the end zone and the Dolphins now with 19 seconds left, We'll have it at the 25 yard line. So if you're the Dolphins here No time outs can't stop the clock. Do you look for from their offense? They got to play to the sidelines. You don't want to really move the ball in the middle of the field because of Baldwin, Keith. The clock will keep moving. You will be the clock it but then you'll get one more play. Gotta work the sidelines in some capacity. Three different levels. One deeper, one middle one shallow, and then Fitzpatrick has to make a decision. Who's open trips? Right? Single man.

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