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Know how many of them as a such a bizarre story it's of sidebar story but maybe not that a few years ago in high school wrestling in the state of texas which resumes a pretty big deal but it's not like it is the midwest the midwest is you know it's been it's been a giant sport for decades when i talk at the stoop but kinda wrestling for those you don't know this is not metal chairs this is real athletes doing athletic things in in in a real spor dominantly iowa nebraska in the heart of the country but i mean there so you got to be great shape to do this or genetic has hacked we get all that but a few years ago when women girls get this girls started competing wrestling the state of texas a lot of referee said that they wouldn't do it male referees but as you gotta polo apart the wing easier is how many hud got to tell you i mean the laugh when i first read this they didn't want to be accused of inappropriate touching right which when you're refereeing wrestling oh yeah you got to get out of around eur people out and year but in your pull it on this and dad and separating people and they lot of them felt uncomfortable doing that what to these a little bit weird but okay so i'm wondering f mack getting to wrestle as a guy yeah if that's not part of the issue i don't know what the issue is i don't know why you would care i dunno will ac wants to come in wrestle you who cares well why i don't know how many hundred ten pound guys there are maybe there's a lot i don't know it seems like a pretty tiny division there are there are there are girls yes in high school football now yes and they're not a some kick some playoff it but they play right so i don't okay any dinner rally inner plenty oils totally messed this up and gone on the say side they're going on the side were ice is safe i don't know that.

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