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And by the way Greg Jarrett is with us is new book which on full of great new information is out on Monday when did you write secret empires. empire is is written in twenty seventeen came out in March of twenty eighteen and was on both your TV show in a radio show and was a number one New York times bestseller and was largely ignored by the mainstream media and now it's being picked up again because these issues are resonating and and you know to just to pick up real quick Sean on something that Greg said which I think is so important is you know this issue will foreign influence which is an issue which he we should take seriously but nobody wants to take a serious look on the laughed at this question of foreign influence as it relates to the Biden business dealings the point is this why do they think the Chinese are throwing money at hunter Biden why do they think the Ukrainians are paying him eighty three thousand dollars a month according to banking records for a job he has no background in skill set for he's not being paid because he knows something because he acts has expertise was he being paid for is precisely about foreign influence in the Chinese have written about this that they're gonna lose to sort of by all the political leadership in foreign countries to get favorable treatment so if speaks to the disingenuous nature of so much of this discussion on foreign influence here's a classic case of a payoff of a favor being given to a powerful American politician that is a lucrative business deals for for his son and nobody seems to care about it on the on the left it's it's remarkable and if it was the name was let's see don junior and the vice president at the time was Donald J. trump although we would like to the motion the media reaction I think you can bet Gregg Jarrett would be dramatically different the media would be apoplectic with hysteria you know it is a crime as a public official to misuse your office to confer a benefit to a foreign power in exchange for either money or something of value. you to yourself or your family it's a classic example of a corrupt act and as I said before there is sufficient evidence here. urban of justice to open an investigation and Joe Biden did it to himself his hubris and his arrogance led him to brag about what he did and you know he I guess he just assumes that you know he gets the same get out of jail free card that Hillary Clinton got apparently that investigation has been reopened I just read last week we'll see Greg's book is out Monday you can get it on Amazon dot com Hannity dot com bookstores Monday that's a great book which sun and secret empires Peter Schweitzer just two years ahead of its time finally the catching up to us Peter I'm not thank you so much for being with us great work both of you quick break when we come back how will Republicans in the house deal with the duplicitous double standards the unfairness the madness of impeachment will to check in with the Republican.

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