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Retired a car with us. I made it to two hundred thousand once. I don't hand tension to that. Mainly in my use the first car ever had I totaled the second car. I ever had was the punishment car. Not because it was in nineteen eighty four or eighty five. I think chrysler minivan would panels on it which was like it had been through like eight to ten other owners so wasn't online and then Then someone stole my third car and total it and then i moved to new york where you don't need a car. Then i came out here and got a nissan versa. And then you got what you had a truck. All the toronto awesome dr. I wonder how many miles that had on his head neck truck. It seems to molest far Checked out at five hundred and twelve thousand. Half a million can the car before that i think i got almost seven hundred thousand. She i didn't put all of those miles on it. But i put a lot of joint here. He contributed a lot. But yeah no last checked out at five twelve and one before that. I think i got the seven hundred thousand. How many miles is it from your home to. Your work is about forty or more day. It's it's eighty round trip if i don't drive to do anything else. Yeah go to the store. So i'm in so in a five day workweek for one hundred miles just back and forth work. Yeah i mean our car. Now is a two thousand fourteen in their sixty three six. Three six hundred eight thousand It's nowhere near anything. But like i wonder how many that truck had and i wonder how many buy minivan had like. I haven't had that many cars in my life but Extenuating circumstances removed from your possession. Because the truck let me. Just tell you about the truck. Real quick starting off a tangent truck was incredible and i feel like it needs a shout out. I bought the truck for a dollar a single solitary dollar. It was a nineteen ninety. Four king cab was awesome. The thing could not be killed. I ran into a brick wall backing out of my parking space because people don't understand how parking works in this town I completely those parts the car on the street one night and it completely totaled another car like someone was driving drunk. They hit my car and they just left half their car in front of my truck and there was literally must single dent in this truck. It was made of like. I think the souls of the damned at six other trucks were together to make this beast boy. That sounds like that. Sounds like my first car. Which i've always called it was it was twelve. Twelve tons of the finest steel ever roll out of detroit. Michigan nineteen seventy and nineteen seventy times. Chevrolet impala that was used to deliver fish and it's award. We did have a breeze back. Then he's the left. Yeah i was just there was no there was lysol and i don't mean there was mount. You missed ended lysol and it didn't smell like it smelled like lysol right. Lay that old and the big fat ass. Gold can even that. Even that wouldn't kill the stats. Maybe next time. We do a slap us episode. We'll talk about her first stars. Yeah let's let's. Let's get back to jim. I needed to take that sidetrack because dang that trump was awesome. It was so racketeers. June whose reason nineteen sixty one. Vw bug and at the same time. Ingrid and her cadets are piling into their car and they're both going to wd a s. I think this is what you would call him. Meet cute ellie. I love meat so on the way into the parking lot ingrid and the rum runners actually hit a snow drift stuck and who gets out to push ingrid ha as happening. Jim's car starts pulling into the lot any slows down to see a young girl pushing this car while all five guys in the car just cheery so he kind of slows down. He's getting ready to get out because he thinks okay. You need some help. At which point the vehicle becomes free. Everyone applauds so. Jim just looks over at the girl waves at her. Now ingrid goes away back. However she realizes upon doing this that she's dressed in an oversized winter coat and she's wearing howdy. Duty and clara belle. Which were the only one that she had so she was suddenly mortified. Because she's big. Oh my god. I'm sixteen advantages smiles and puts everything away and then the car rolls back. So she's a little embarrassed but then she's even more embarrassed when she goes into compete and realize that the guy that she'd been thought was quote. Cute is one of the judges at center. So jim is up at the judging table with some of the members of the coventry leads the rum runners are actually the last ones to audition and they kill it. They just kill ingrid's up there. She's playing her guitar. One thing that she that was guitar was out of tune more on that later but needless to say jim makes a point to approach her personally shake her hand but he trips over a chord while doing so and with that jim actually says you guys are the winners will see on the twenty fifth of january so we flash forward to january twenty fifth nineteen sixty four. Jim is on site for judging and of course the rum runners are there and ingrid made a point to not wear her. How do this one. She actually barred address a friend. She bought some boots. If you wanna look a lot older than she was 'cause she's still she's about seventeen at this point she's still really young elsie. He's eighteen nineteen of Reasonably it's not like creepy. Yeah and more on that later in the relationship. Because i will start this out now for people who might be growing concern. They wait to.

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