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And speaking of iconic british acts what about new order or boys previous nominees. New order released a new single a rebel in september twenty twenty while six time nominees pet shop boys released the single cricket wife this year. I love that and you know the mentioned pet shop. Boys leads me to elton john and years and years. The two acts performed a show stopping cover pet shop boys. It's a sin at the brit awards earlier this year and released it as a single. Maybe considering elton is a five time winner could the cover snare a best pop to a group performance nomination or maybe even best dance electronic recording nomination that makes me want to go down a whole other rabbit hole of cover songs. That have been nominated for grammys. That's probably another episode. Then there's twenty time winner. Bruce springsteen dropped his letter to you album during the eligibility period. And of course he's bruce springsteen so he's pretty much automatically in the grammy conversation at any time and then there's eighteen time winner. Paul mccartney who released two albums that could find their way toward the nomination. His mccartney three studio album in december and its subsequent alternative remix album mccartney three imagined featuring an array of stars ranging from back and saint vincent to phoebe bridges and dominic feick so could the former get a nomination for best rock album with the latter finds its way to nomination in the best alternative music album category. Perhaps it'd be wild. If mccartney had an album in each of those categories oh yeah same time and then how what springsteen like what if it was springsteen verse mccartney. I rocket totally basel Okay so what about friend of the podcast kylie. No the grammy award winner released her disco album in november of last year. And it's very pop dance disco and it was warmly received debut in at number one on the official uk albums chart and it was also a finalist for top dance electronic album at the twenty twenty one billboard music awards minogue also had some interesting clam rations and covers in the past year. There was her studio twenty fifty four remix of disco albums real groove with grammy winner. Liba that was featured in leila's studio twenty fifty four livestream concert minogue was featured on a remix of years and years as starstruck and minogue even covered lady gaga mary. The night from the born this way album for the sets. Tenth anniversary reissue. There's also friend of the pod now. Rogers a three time winner. Who had a uk dance hit with s g. Lewis called one more rogers also credited alongside twelve time winner. John legend and winner burner boy on the song coming to america from the movie of the same name. The track was produced by rogers and the current reigning grammy award winner for producer of the year. And oh yeah friend of the pod. What maybe a record for friend of the pod on the pod. Lastly at least for this list. What about billy idol. Joan jett and stevie next under the pod stevie nicks has three time nominee idle and previous nominee. Jet were both featured on miley cyrus. Plastic carts album which came out last. November idol was featured on the album's night crawling jet on the track bad karma and then of course knicks. Who was a two time winner was featured on the album by way of a remix of midnight sky that was dubbed edge of midnight which mashed up nixes edge of seventeen and cyrus is midnight sky produced by what it's unclear how next could get a nomination from this particular remix album but you never know knicks herself release her own new song during the eligibility period. That called. show them the way. So it's possible contender as well so delicious. A few and that's alive but just a few of the possible veterans and legends. Who might possibly score some grammy love at the upcoming awards Who else do you think might snag nomination us. We remain to be seen. We have seen it remains to be seen and while the data the grammy nominations announcement has yet to be revealed. They will likely be in early. December as the final round of voting begins december. Six the sixty. Four th annual. Grammy awards will take place on january thirty first twenty twenty two all right now. It's time for the charts out of the week this week. In nineteen eighty two survivors eye of the tiger hit number one on the billboard. Hot one hundred. The track climbed four to one on the chart data july twenty fourth nineteen eighty two and spent six weeks all consecutive atop the list. I have a tiger was the theme song to the hit film rocky. Three and the track went on to garner and academy award nomination for best original song katie. Did you know it was nominated alongside. How do you keep the music playing from the film. Best friends if we were in love from yes giorgio it might be you from the film tootsie and up where we belong from an officer and a gentleman so katy which song won the oscar that year for best original song katie time. I only know one of those songs. I mean and i of the tiger obviously at least two outwear up where we belong in either tiger that i know While is it up where we belive at is correct up where we belong won the award for best original song ear I have the tiger is survivors. Only number one on the hot one hundred but not the bands only top ten. The act later visited the top ten with high on you. The searches over. Is this love. And the second highest charting song the number two peaking burning heart which also happened to be written for and featured in the film rocky for it ain't broke. Don't fix it so there. You have it this week in nineteen eighty-two survivor top the.

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