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Some states have closed primaries or there can be topped the to the top two system, which is what they have in California where literally could be to Democrats going against each other to Republicans, whoever gets the top two. So each state has different series of rules and some of those rules or many of those rules. Exclude people who are undecided or people who are independent voters aren't registered with Democrats or Republicans voting in general. Elections is hard enough in America voting in primaries is gigantic pain in the well. Just tell you how much the Republicans or how scared the Republicans should be in California's forty eighth district. This is another district that went for Clinton by one point, seven percentage points, but it went for Romney bioline point, seven percentage points. It is a much more red district. This is Dana Rohrabacher is from he's, of course the Republican. He's going against Harley Rhoda. Now, Dana has been. There for a longtime. He isn't establishment Republican and they're pouring a lot of money into this race. Now, overall, the money is for the Democrats. The Democrats are outspending the Republicans immensely. In this election, there's big, super Pac money. There's just a lot of cash because again, they wanna start. They want to make sure to flip the house. So the fact that Dana Rohrabacher is in actual competitive race. It's really basically the first time in his gut. He's been there for so long, twenty thirty years. Yeah, it's the first time he's really facing a real opponent so that shows you how competitive it's going to be in some of these more purple districts for the Republicans. And that's why people, once again are much more optimistic about the Democrats flipping the house as opposed to their ability to take the Senate as we broke down last time. So we also have the place. For example, we have Texas thirty Texas thirty. Second district that went for Romney by fifteen Clinton by one, those are going to be a little bit difficult that's with Pete sessions of Republican Colonol. Read a democrat, I won't go through all of the races because that will be extremely boring. But I wrote them. I wrote them all down..

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