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Looks like she's like an air traffic controller put her arms up playing like trying to make herself big Ashley PK second one so far came back ruled at a p k her most says able to push a stick it in the back of the net put Spain up. You could see the relief wash down, her Moses, like whole entire buddy. And you saw the coach you know celebrate on the sideline like oh, dear God. I I'm gonna get in big trouble if I lose, you could tell that was a relief like. Fist pump that wasn't a fist pump like, hey, we're awesome. That was like, oh, thank you. And then the second one came, which I don't agree was a red card nor in expulsion. I think it was by happenstance. It was by accident. Listen, South Africa plays on orthodox. They kicked the ball, an orthodox. You don't know what to expect. She went studs up honor follow-through. She hit the of the floor the player for cell phone. Yeah. So she gets a red card and other PK game is done, Hermosa goes the other direction you just to be clear. You didn't the second one you didn't penalty, Okinawa even close. Yeah. I just we talked about this on ESPN NFC. It's a foul. Most other places on the field case. She's in the attacking position at that point. And she's following through. Agree to disagree. Question is, whether or not there's an ex little extra to because she leaves you put up for longer video. It's really hard to knock anything on slow motion looks horrible something to keep in mind, too, when we kind of assess these, let's move onto the final game of the match this is of group. A and that was Norway in Nigeria, we spent so much time talking about knowing the context of outta Hagberg outta Hagberg outta hangover hired of that name. And man, they look like a team that a is totally galvanized over the fact that oughta Hagberg isn't there and be maybe doesn't even Mr. from a football standpoint that much they're up three nothing in the first half hour, a little bit more than that against Nigeria team that even though maybe we didn't think they were gonna win the group has a long history at the women's World Cup and should should be better than what they were today. Nigeria showed glimpses on the break of being impressive. They're end product was shocking. Right. Especially Osceola, who we were talking about data who spent some time with the wash. Kirit now plays in China. She was dominant using her blistering pace on the wing. Their front three was so fast and direct, but they're crossing like they were forced out wide. And when they're forced out wide, they had to shoot it cross it into the middle and just the end product on it. They're box organization as well as their skill in the bucks was completely locking. So is almost like, yeah, it was it was a letdown every single time. You're like, oh, highlighted the lack of speed on that Norwegian back line, which is something their opponents will try to exploit. But Norway is all about attacking players, and they have some special players, but the most special on his Graham Hanson her, she's really good on the right hand side. She was playing a little bit more on the left. It was the way at which she played the correct ball. The tactically unlocking defenses ball, every time in an unselfish way in a simple way makes them dangerous. Caroline Graham Hansen, I believe she's the one that kind of sets up the own goal of the third. So you're right. She breaks in and then it's a Holly that actually ends up putting it into the back of her own net. We have and we mentioned this on our segment during the SPNFZ as well. Been building up to what we think will be a quarter-final between the US and France. That's predicated upon the idea that both those teams will win their group. Norway is in France's group, did they do enough today to make you question, whether France will indeed go on and win this group? No, no. You. See a gap between France Norway. Absolutely. Because that back line from Norway was dic-..

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