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Hard cash part of the delivery of a portion of its central banks reserve last week. The plane didn't arrive. Because of the instability so that is limited liquidity limited spending capacity in terms of cash in afghanistan currently and of course operating international banking accounts understanding international finance understanding how convert assets such as bonds into any kind of liquidity. Is not something that the taliban has any kind of experience with for it it would have to be able to persuade. Technocrats allow afghan technocrats to continue working for its ministry of finance without financing. You can't really run a government so what political scenarios could potentially long period of government inaction. Pretend you think you're ready likely going to see significant economic decline. That's obviously going to have grave repercussions for people. The taliban is effective in delivering or it can be brutal order but it has knowledge in capacity to stop crime but for delivering school. It will need to rely on teachers who will need to be able to be paid by. Someone and much of this. Financial capability will go radically down. most significantly. The united states is likely not going to be paying for two billion for the against security forces as it has been before boban takeover so that means that some number of soldiers say hundred thousand soldiers will now be unemployed paid the need to be paying its own fighters so literally how the taliban negotiates but international actors. They'll be critical but it can sustain the economy is it existed or the economy will rapidly go bankrupt and banditry frustration protests bill start emerging be interesting to see what happens then again more challenges for the taliban accessing. Money afghanistan's previous government. We have to say it was never flushed. But it did regularly receive planeloads of cash from the us government and used to pay salaries of officials and keep the wheels of government just turning. There were bulk shipments of dollars expected as late as last sunday. But it never arrived. How important is hard. Currency will will the end of that infusion of cash. Be a big shock for afghanistan's economy the end of the day liquid cash is crucial. And if that money is not delivered liberty it stops coming. One of the quite rapid economic effects will be that poor people will find it hard to buy food even just basic survival on a day to day. Basis is important to mention though that the taliban leadership has very minimal understanding of how to interact the donors in many ways enormously naive they have little technical capacity. They are not people with financial degrees but they also are politically naive in terms of constraints and conditionality issues. And so it'll be really a hard learning curve for them with impact on the lives of people. Vonda fell that brown studies. The taliban finances at brookings where she's a director of the initiative non-state armed actress. Thank you very much for helping. Better understand vonda later. This hour of the role of russia in central asia and afghanistan as the taliban asserts control. We shouldn't camouflage this. There's no doubt that this is a major geopolitical shifts underway and the latest from southern haiti. Where they're struggling through the one two punch of an earthquake and a tropical storm. You're listening to the world. I'm marco werman you're with the world. This has been a terrible few days for haiti. I seven point two magnitude earthquake. Then a tropical storm brought floods and landslides angelo hotel. A haitian doctor who's been working. In provincial hospital in chantal municipality in the southern part of haiti an area hit hard by both the earthquake and the storm. After the earthquake. I saw a lot of endured women and children with broken arms and a lot of really sad dibs. The doctor goes professionally by his first. Name dr angelo. He says a lot of people have lost their entire families. People are even lying underground and the rain filing on them. It is in your man what we see here. Many pregnant woman walk harmless dodger. Angela says this week has put even more strain on a healthcare system where conditions were already what he calls catastrophic. The biggest challenges were when you're at ten to a dying woman or change because you cannot do something for them. Due to lack of inflex Dr angeles people come in needing care. But often don't have the money to pay. They're also chronic shortages of medications with so much medical infrastructure destroyed. This week dr angelo warriors at the earthquake in storm will have long term impacts on hades healthcare system. Right now. he's focused on his patients and doing all he can do. Eventually though dr angelenos. That haiti has to have a functioning health system. I hope one day we will have a the head of the government. Someone will will make had a priority in will invest and health. We wanted to check in with neftali pierre-louis who lives with his family. Jeremy one of the most affected cities it sits at the tip of haiti's southern peninsula spoke on monday neftali just after the weekends. Quake you describe the vast amount of damage and you are also bracing for tropical storm grace which hit yesterday so get the update if you would. How bad was a storm and did it lead to any flooding where you are thank you. Thank you for having me again. Thank you for checking in again. Definitely it has. It has a devastating effect is expected despite. The storm has been announced the day before the equity australia on friday. And then on. Saturday we had the heck so so they knew that something like that will be coming so unfortunately we didn't have that the coordination necessary to provide shelter as soon as possible to victims and unfortunately we had the the images of a very old people screaming crying on under the ran Because they couldn't find a way to to shelter doing that storm on because Go back to the houses that were damaged. This has creative. A big outcry of the entire haitian population is coming from the orders or this part of the country that were not affected and those images of those elderly in the rain soaked really here and that public outcry. The anger is directed at home to the government to the government because everybody was expecting that we will have a look alike of coordination of the political situation. Right now in haiti. But i think people didn't see the extent of the damage is not on conceals Seeing those images on his gun social media and and that's where people realize that the the extent of the damaging other the damages caused the houses of people in it and the extent of the number of people affected by that devestation so And then right away we on on what's up with all my friends Everybody on facebook on on an also we will Pointing fingers to our government strict structures and and we decided to move faster the unexpected in aggressively for to provide support as as we can as we can we can not realize that even more now that who cannot rely on government right and if you had told us people in haiti generally are better prepared for storms and earthquakes. What were some of the challenges and preparing for tropical storm while still dealing with the acute aftermath of an earthquake notably people losing their shelters Exactly that's the main issue will In haiti we. That's that's that's the reason we use concrete houses because we are more used to hurricanes so we had to build solid houses but unfortunately does concrete can hold on a wing cannot hold seven point two magnitude earthquake magnitude..

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