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With angry gundling and JJ davani. Oh. Yes. Cut off side from the upper west side of Manhattan. Andrew gundling, JJ davani, what's up, brother? It's dry evening Andrew, but I'm glad to be here. Yes, dim. I'm excited by this podcast. It's another free wheeling summer pod. I love it. People like the free Wheeler nature of the last part. Yeah, we had a nice response as the wheel returned. People seem to enjoy it. I know I did. It was a lot of fun. And we've got kind of another similar one for you. So I, as I, as I do, every once in a while, JJ, I checked in on the animals, walked among them. Went into the cages. Solemn throwing feces at each other. Yeah, and then I put on a hazmat suit and scampered out. But Newman, their leader. In response to the podcast that we had just done with the wheel of football that we hadn't done in a while, Newman posted in the Reddit page. He said, I haven't listed yet. Just realized, did they stop doing red card and men on the match? If so, why? And then captain coconut responded and said they do what they want and are accountable to no earthly force. That's that with every week that goes by on that podcast that's getting truer and truer. Well, I'll tell you this, captain coconut, and Newman and other animals. We are accountable, and you're right. I don't know why we stopped doing red card management. I have no real reason. I do because it was becoming a slog to come up with stuff and I didn't want to feel like because some of the stuff it could be, you know, it had a freewheel in nature. Like one week it could be, I hate the new women's Euro 2022 soccer ball for the tournament, which I actually do hate. That's just popped into my head there. All right. I don't like it. I don't like the colors or whatever. And then the next week, my red carrot could be an act of serious racism. And I found that juxtaposition, a bit jarring. Yeah. I guess so. That wasn't my problem. My problem was just there were weeks where if nothing struck me, I didn't want to have to force something into the podcast. Whatever content we include in this podcast, I want it to be worthwhile. That was maybe there were too many weeks where I felt like I'm just putting this in there because I feel like I have to. I don't know that I would have talked about this. Actually, your reason is probably more accurate. You can have any reason you want. You're a grown adult. You can make your own choices. But we have heard you and we're actually devoting this entire podcast to a series of red cards and men or women of the match. The whole thing. And then a male bag at the end. And by the way, this was your brand child. And I would like to Newman's and captain coconuts. Newman has, I mean, we might as well get him on the payroll. Whose end is it coming out of you looking at me? Maybe if we combine it together, we could buy Newman, a pack of sweets. A shirt. Maybe a T-shirt. We don't even know. But a plain blank one, all right? No logos, no colors, just white. But yeah, we're gonna do the whole podcast on that. So I'm really looking forward to it. Like I said, a mailbag at the end. So this should be a good time. We'll just go back and forth here with red cards men in the match, but should we just get right into it? Yeah, don't make that noise again. All right. Well, here we go. I guess there's really no other way to start than with this. Red card. I'm gonna go first. Boy, this is weird doing in the first three minutes of the podcast. It feels so good. Get into it. A lot of people, you know, I often thought what do I do with my hands? With the longer podcast, people probably missed this stuff. I know. You know? So now it's the chance. 98% of our listeners are saying right now, what even is this? What are they actually even talking about? I'll get right into it. My first red card in a series of red cards, the Chelsea curse of the number 9. So let's talk about this. Romelu Lukaku it now appears as headed back to enter on what right now is being termed as a loan deal. So let's get him out. So it temporarily ends what was just a disastrous first season back in the Premier League for us. One that you 29 year old striker. One that you counseled midway through. I did want to relax. And I would do it again because I think at that point in the season, duty wasn't listening. At that point in the season, I don't know that the freak out was validated. At the end of the season, it was validated. Oh, okay. Okay. I mean, look, it's a loan. It's hard for me to envision him playing another game for that club ever again. As long as that manager is there, bleacher report, so I talk about the curse of the number 9, which has now become a well documented thing. Bleacher report put out a tweet yesterday with a number of past Chelsea strikers on it with the words the curse of Chelsea's number 9. So can we go through them quickly and then we'll circle back to Lukaku. So obviously Lukaku is the captain of this team. 97.5 million pounds, 15 goals and 44 appearances. Alvaro morata across two seasons, 47 appearances in the league just 16 goals. Cashman JJ, back in Matthias casement, one of the, not the early, but one of the well, certainly a marine yo signing. And he was rubbish. Yeah, one season 25 appearances four goals. Gonzalo iguan, which I think a lot of people were initially excited about. One season, 14 appearances..

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