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So Ralph northern in serious trouble. So now, he's try. Cutting out all of his friends to say that he is not in fact, a racist. And it's getting awkward, so here's a childhood friend of Ralph Northerns, one of his one of his black friends because this is this is good politics is to say, I have a black friend, and then here is my black friend. So here is one of his black friends on with block of what Chris Cuomo on CNN, and she is explaining that. She believes that he is not the man in the picture from his yearbook page of a man in black face. Another man in a KKK outfit, a Halloween party or something. She says she believes that it's not him because she's never seen him be racist. What the governor did was took ownership of a picture that had his name as a prominent heading. He took ownership of as the governor. He had to he felt compelled to address that Ralph northern is not the person that is depicted in the photograph that's on his page. If if Rao tells me, he's not in that picture, I believe him. Okay. Well, you know at this point, honestly his. The best move was to basically say, I don't remember being in that picture. If I wasn't that picture. I apologize. It was a dumb racist insensitive thing to do back in one thousand nine hundred five I'm a different person than that people. Who know me know, I'm a different person than that. And then he would have been able to live this out his botching of the entire situation is what's led to a lot of the the crisis for him. Meanwhile, his Lieutenant governor isn't even hotter water than Ralph nor them. So if RAV northern did indeed dumped the apple on his Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax about his two thousand four sexual assault allegation successful. I mean. Wow. Well, played Ralph northern if it was you. He says it was not nonetheless his Lieutenant governor is now blaming the governor of Virginia for dumping up on him about an alleged two thousand four sexual assault. Does anybody think it's any coincidence that on the eve of potentially being elevated the bats win? This uncorroborated smear comes out a year.

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