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All bets could soon be on at the State House. That's next right now. 10 33. The super were retailers of New England, all wheel drive traffic on The threes. Kevin Brennan, where you starting tomorrow, We're gonna start it off on the expressway Here. Still about a 20 minute ride from Braintree up to the O Neill Tunnel with your heaviest delays here from East Milton Square. Most of the way up through Columbia Road Southbound. You're on the brakes, Columbia Road down through Savin Hill. Then you're looking pretty good after that. 95 northbound still over a mile backup approaching that 93 1 28 split here in Canton. Route three Colbun, You've got your brake lights getting into that Derby Street lane drop. Then you're looking pretty good. All the way down through the Plymouth stretch and over the Zika Mbarara Sagamore Bridge heading on Cape Born bridges a little bit slow right now on the bridge itself and into the born rotary heading on Cape. Downtown. You're looking good along the river roads through the airport tunnels. Lower deck. Not too bad in the O Neill Tunnel and lever down ramp. Also in pretty good shape out to the West. 4 95 South bound. You're going to get residual delays through route 62 here in Berlin after clearing an earlier crash. This report sponsored by UPS jobs dot com, Ready for a job that gets you more ups is hiring now, as a warehouse worker. You'll earn 1958 hour plus $100 weekly bonus enjoyed big time growth opportunity supply. Now at UPS jobs dot com slash Chelmsford, Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. Sunshine today Sunny skies everywhere High 78 in the city in inland and at the beach, maybe a little bit cooler. Low to mid seventies..

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