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In l, A teeny tiny lady being brought in and oh, look, Look who's holding on to her. Oh, oh boy, Matthew McConaughey. Happy Birthday. America. Yeah, Let's admit that this last year's trip around the sun was also another head scratcher. But let's also remember that We're babies. Okay, now it's profound, but I dive in. Why am I circle wet Going in again, John. Hey, double plunges just for you, Jack Stein. Here we go. Tom is okay, everybody. His computer is just a little at a source. Washington kids are behind in the routine vaccinations at risk of missing the start of schools. So this piece in the Seattle Times looks at the fact that So many parents were afraid to take their kids in to get them normal. Pediatric sort of, you know, updates and take them in to get the vaccines were supposed to get the vaccine because you would call the doctor's office and they would say if it's not an emergency, or if it is emergency go to the hospital, But a lot of them weren't seeing patients was harder to get in there. So a lot of parents Parents just said I'm going to just keep the kid at home. Not go in, not get the vaccine, not see the doctor and they put off a lot of the sort of basic steps that you take when you are a parent. I'm sure you have absolutely no experience in this regard. Right, Jack sign. I've got pets that needed to get, you know, booster shots and things like that I've got and you know, like my Pomeranian is basically like having a small child is nonverbal child that, uh, sleeps at my feet every night. How is Tom's computer doing back there? When they did the analysis to find out how parents some of them are way behind. And Seattle parents actually have kept up with the vaccine that you're supposed to get. But of course, if you go out to elect San Juan Islands, and you go out there to bash on where you have a lot of anti-vaxxers those parents do do not want their kids to be vaccinated. The four or five that you're supposed to get the M R. Whatever they're called. Um, rubella, mumps, rubella, and, uh, the other one that's in there, and also the other vaccines are supposed to get for your dog or for your kids at about 10 or 11 years old. They put those off. You have to have been. If you want your kid to go back to school, you're going to have to be able to show that they're all up to date on their shots. So anyway, Good news is Seattle parents are there and the other good news. Jack Stein, is that the National Education Association the any A. Those are the folks that run the CDC. These are the people that run the government. They are the That's not true. That's not true. Come on. Now. They didn't help Right. The CDC's uh um Declaration is to win. Parents and kids in school should reopen again. You don't think Wait. No. You know what they involved in that they You know what they did? They totally did all that. You know what? I just remember. They also did that thing with Rachelle Wolinski where they told her Hey, You know, if you go out, you can have your own personal opinion. But you can't tell us what to do. Even though you're the head of the C D. C were the teachers unions and we make our own rules. Thank you very much. Dr Wolinski side note on this one out of five Americans have little or no faith in the C D. C now, but that aside, the National Education Association has rejected the proposal that was put before them. That they were going to require vaccines for all staff and students before returning to school in the fall. They knew that parents would be so upset. Plus, they also knew as more parents would pull their kids out of school out of public school. That's one kid out. That's less funding for public schools. As I have been saying to Tom, Tom and I go around and around. We are like two dogs that don't like Each other when it comes to public school, and I always say that the best thing is going to come out of this pandemic and this government lockdown is parents and parent choice. I think they're right now. There are seven states that I can count that have put into play legislation that would take some funds and give it to parents so that they can either Find a new school or be able to have money for tutors or something else, too slowly. There's a there's a there's a break in the wall that is between public schools and the funding of public schools and parents having choice. Yeah, I mean, But John, there's the problem with the kind of libertarian approach to the public school system is that how do you fund it now? If I was pie in the sky, I I would say that it would be charities and I would say would be scholarships and things of that nature. And what is what How many kids are we dealing with in the United States? Something like 50 million kids under the age of 18 not I just don't see the amount of facilities that can be set up for those kids. With scholarship programs with tutoring programs to get them away from the public school system. And moreover, if you do try to do what you're talking about, John, you're going to be leaching funds. Far from the public school system, resulting in those kids getting it worse education over time. And then, Uh then you're just gonna have a two tiered society where you have a bunch of kids like yourself, John Curley, who went to private school who has you know all the the benefits of that? Meanwhile, you have people like me who went to private school with with Clint Eastwood, son and the You know the the Children of the I think the guy owned R c a records. So why we went to school with those poor people and you're going to make a two tiered society. Do you see what I'm saying? John? Yes. But I have to tell you that even though you were educated, sitting next to the son of claims to what? Whoever was Um, let's take the state of Arizona, The state of Arizona collect all the money and then gives it back to the parents and says, I forget the number 7000 or whatever it is. Let's say 7500. Here's 7500 to go shopping. It's your money. You send it to us. Now we're going to send it to you. And you now have $7500 shop. Go wherever you want. Send your kids to that school down the street or the school down 10 Miles away, or the private school or the parochial school. We're not going to tell you where you have to send your kid just because you live in that zip code. Talk about enslavement and government control and socialism. Just look at public schools. Oh, you live in that zip code. You have to go to that school and that has to be your teacher. And you must sit in those classrooms and the parents have little or no control because of where they are. So if you're rich enough, like the people do that we did when we were in queen and we said, Well, the school.

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