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Movie about a good story Commercial the one with the two bathtubs I decide I don't know One just played The one. You just played if you stop and think about that to make, a great movie Dates and all. That stuff and any you know they get the movies going anyway Yeah let me go back in and put that in the works. I will call for the treatment Elliott United during the next one audition they kill I really like though the thank you build the diverse nature of bills movies because he went from, the amazing colossal man which by the way I have. Seen to saving private Ryan and that is a juxtaposition that is not, easily accomplished, and yet he pulled it off Thank you Bill a movie I think he'd probably well I'm sure he's seen, in that kind of same genre is bridge on the, River Kwai ever see that fantastic Yeah. Yeah Dad I don't think I fully appreciate it when I, was younger but I bet it would be. Amazing, film It is an amazing film and I. Think I appreciated it as much the first time I saw, it as the fourteenth time I saw it I would say though if if the troops had the amazing philosophy man they would have been able to blow up that bridge much more easily Or transformers or transformers Or gods can you imagine Godzilla going, to? Save private Ryan though Zillow bridge the river quiet what step Needed. William Holden blowing up in the thing I've saying, or? If Godzilla transformed into the. Bridge over Now you're talking Yeah I can take you off track. From freaking out this is this is how we channel our freak out adminis- is by having these conversations. We, do that However I mentioned a listener who called in John Williams show earlier today talking about how much he was surprised that he was appreciating President Trump's administration in regards to how well the. Economy was doing he and all his. Friends are employers. 401K is flourishing Kathy has a theory that I'm kind of curious, to, hear, about hey Cathy how're you doing Everybody today good to talk to you yeah it just wondered I, mean, that, was a plant You know I didn't. Hear the coil I didn't. Hear, what a source. Was or, how he identified himself But, there is a man who. Was calling into your show back in twenty sixteen during the election And he was saying A son or daughter working for, Trump's campaign and he he drew the hosting like he had some inside information on how. One or two employees And he would. Call into each? Of your. Shows so grateful that you allow us to speak to, you but it just now with privacy and of the propaganda how do we oh interesting Interesting question as, far as like somebody you. Know that makes sense to me. As far as. You, know whether or not to get a message out there and Vale it by saying that they're disa- listener, and here's what I heard it becomes part of the. Conversation it happens? All, yeah About. It The Ganda game of now I believe played on both sides should be a little suspect of interesting The data, your, guests, so Kathy that's. My next question was going to be to our audience was three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred give us a call or text. Because I would love to. Hear from, people who feel that they are directly, benefiting and, you're right it should be hopefully spontaneous, you know a real organic moment where someone says you know I have fundamentally benefited from this presidency and here's, how I. Agree and and it's up to us to decide whether or not it's a genuine call I guess but, if people want, to abuse the opportunity. That that any radio station gives you to join the, conversation that's a shame but it's a risk I guess we take when we opened the phone lines how do we know that I haven't personally Maybe I should switch. With this gentleman Thank. You thank you Kathy that. Was, interesting, I, really, like that perspective yes air well look how do we know that it wasn't the president. Or at, the time Donald Trump calling I mean he has a John, Miller John Miller Yeah I know Mr. Trump and he's the greatest, man in the world and he's worth a lot more, than you, say is, you know Donald Trump really, I swear About, it is the the callers and this is true for, online personas, people. On jazz You just never know that is the most aggressive vibrating that was weird yeah that, was actually kinda want your excellent that was Roger liking That was Roger you poly real. He likes that so Well. You know you gotta get together more we'll talk Dave you wanna get. Roger to put. You in the. Shark With a baby shirt Baby shower Let you go. Through this you go through this where we're, service, says well I'm just an, average, person, and oh by, the way, you know Donald Trump is the greatest person in, the world and this is all happening in every one of my friends now has. A job they never had jobs. Under Obama they all have jobs now and, you're, like oh, come on how gullible are we give it to? That point, I mean didn't we just, this week hit the record for. The longest run the longest. Bull. Run absolutely and most of that occurred under a seventy five percent. Of it and I mean as far as the unemployment, unemployment is, you know the numbers are great. Right now it's like. Four. Percent now there's still plenty of people who aren't even in the in, the workforce but you know when Obama left it? Was what five and, a half. Six percents, oh, no. No no it was evenly You know so this notion that hey none of. My friends had jobs and I didn't have, a, job and now we all, do, they, were somehow in, that magical, area between four percent and five and a half, what about all the people that just gave up member those discount that number though. On the you know we have. We see the four percent I think we, have, to discount, the all those folks who may be just but? That was, what a lot of people, said during the president about don't. We forget one very important. Detail. It's not the president the does it it's corporations the large ones. Anyway that makes the final decision the president can talk, as head, of corporate America is going to. Agree with him and decide. That paying their shareholders a bigger dividend is more important than hiring more, people but more importantly I think to your point? It's the congress who, is enacting. The legislation, that, is. Going to get Employers to hire more or make those. Decisions to grow or expand here's my my employer wants. Me to expand, by hitting the brake.

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