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Me media. We know this time of michael has really strained parents. Strain our families has strain our own patients even the most educated people trying to their own children at home and and i just educated people that are able to work freely at home or from home matters having to go to a job and then having to come home and be a teacher in two. We know our time have been strained. Family lives have been strange but we are dedicated to building a model that not just changes. Are you'll village round the insulate children in the community so that they can be successful with lifelong learners. And yeah we need you. We need to be a part that we need you to come out here your voice we have parent meetings coming up and so we need. We want to be involved with one collegiate to make that dream and then be clear. We'll go live. One collegian is not down raid public school system. Because i know we know that those teachers are no schoo- the nose parents aren't doing the very best and they came amid no doubt about that. There's a lot of progress being made a very challenging situation for teachers are working hard and those who been in those schools. Teachers parents are working. They're doing their bit. Administrators are to leisure what we're going to jet offering. Parents a turned public school education. And so the school place for your key. Then try and give us a chance. Good information. I have some cousins in amazon community. I think they'll be happy. They'll be welcomed to to see just a new organization in there for education. I think they'll like to be that we've been hearing my community and they've been excited about our mission and how we plan to carry it out differently on farm to market. Where are their family dollar. We're not gonna somebody store. We're talking to parents and everybody that we talked to is really been excited to see the things that we want to bring to the community and the ad we we're excited to share more. We even appear meeting coming up on monday with virtual because of because of kobe. Wanna keep your faith while we have a virtual meeting coming up on monday when we get to go through pieces of our schools design and feedback from the community. And say what do you think about this. Is this something that you want to see. And and how can we make this better happily partner. Better hacker weepy up better organization that support everybody and to meals this point. We are part of a partnership it takes a whole lot more than one will be a part of movement. You got family down. And now you have no reason not to come down and do some cash from my. I got so. That is done. By as i like to say how. Come on monday bali events. So where can i guess. Fine you at dr mcgowan. We can be found at one collegiate dot or are we also on facebook one collegiate. Houston my email me. Christine mcgowan one. Two weeks ago or we can put that information happened. Well i had both of you. I have the opportunity to work to dynamic young people who are truly unchanged the court the education data take very proud of all the work the board it commitment dedication that you have to the you. I got you down. Thank you both. And i enjoy working with both of united. I've been great things in your future. So y'all keep up the good work normally be about the time. Why close off the show but let me just go ahead and stay active minutes. They're not only. Do i offer you say my life. When i was in that school district. I didn't think that. I was opposed to and i think it was because of your mentor. I really appreciate for me. And that's what import came. Subscribe to our flipboard. Edu podcast magazine with so much kirk and weasel around out there. There's only one storytelling platform. That helps you keep calling and stay informed and inspired slipping cure as the world's story so you can be smarter than your work life and choose from thousands of topics to personalized board and the best stories from best publishers at experts deliver to you. Twenty four seven get started now and flipboard dot com libor fan. Thanks sticking with me on his episode. i want to give a special thanks to christie. Mcgowan dr michael milstein. Talk with this about starting charter school. Also limb give a huge shot out to a landlord and crystal vanderbilt for the editorials on a flip leading. Educators blog member to subscribe draft flipboard magazine flipboard dot com also would like to wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy new. You please subscribe to our podcast educator. Par castle globally everywhere. Missing the podcast till next time family..

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