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Seventy seven at the KTAR h top text vendors twenty four hour weather center at eight oh, one our top story, Texas. Democrats could be short a seat in the state Senate when the legislature reconvenes in January it's all because of a spat spat between Houston congressional candidates, Sylvia Garcia and governor Greg Abbott now Garcia who is a Senator has yet to formally resigned that seat and Harris County clerk stand. Standard says the deadline has passed to get a race on the November ballot. She didn't pose a real resignation that the government would accept that. It's too late for be on the November ballot. And the result is we're going to have to run a extra election that what we would have. And that's been a cost. Taxpayers county over a half million dollars. He added appears about eight hundred fifty thousand residents on Houston's east in south Houston. Parts of Pasadena could be without a state Senator come January until an official special election can be held to fill that seat while it's a victory for the defenders of the Alamo their heroic efforts will be preserved in the state's new social studies curriculum was approved officially by the state board of education on Friday. However, Hillary Clinton didn't make the cut nor did Helen Keller and Barry Goldwater. The board is streamlining requires social studies programs across the state. They voted on a variety of changes, by the way, Moses contribution to the nation's founding documents will also be preserved. It's coming up on eight. Oh, three now, the US marines have landed on the North Carolina coast to help with rescue and relief efforts there on slow county director of emergency services. Norman Bryson says the flooding in. Jacksonville, North Carolina is severe. We have tremendous amount of storm surge and flooding that has gone in around our county we've actually hit hit record level flooding over twenty five twenty seven feet of flooding in our rivers at least seventeen people have died. As a result of the storm. Did you know the President Trump will be sending a message to your cell phone on Thursday FEMA is conducting a test of its wireless. Emergency alert system. The gold worn residents of national emergencies. They'll be sent at one eighteen PM central time despite the complaints of Trump critics the system is not political. It was authorized by congress in two thousand eight and it began operating regionally in twenty twelve top Senate Democrats now wanted judiciary committee to delay a confirmation vote for supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh, California university professor climbing, the Cavanaugh tried to sexually assault her. Then they were back in high school. The committee is. Scheduled to vote on Thursday. I'm Chevra fryer and Houston's news, weather and traffic station. Newsradio seven forty KTAR h..

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