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Fine fine but here's the question to you and it's it's just a question it's just a question. My question would be. What about those because there were a lot of people in the locker room? That felt exactly the way you just expressed Max Max but there were other people in the locker room that looked at the temperament of Teo not just as game and they said so why should donald stick out his neck to help that guy. What do you say that this is what I say what you're talking about? Forget the exact details is divided locker. Room that falls falls on the leader of the franchise. No you want to stay in the front office and the coach that's fine. It is also the quarterback no because of the locker awesome wasn't divided until you introduced weapon x or Chemical Alexa. Whatever you WANNA call it? The locker room wasn't divided prior to Te'o and the locker room was divided after Te'o entered for year a year two years if you ask people in that locker room after tio so you can't blame the division of the locker room on Donovan mcnabb. When before I ever ever entered the locker room was never divided it and then after several years later the locker room to me the Lockerbie not worth the next? The next Brian Dockets but the locker room was divided. Because as a T. O.. That's the issue at hand locker room. Undivided on mcnabb. You can't put that on Donovan mcnabb Emmanuel even if Teo was the problem just speak on the code. What is it wrong for Donovan? mcnabb to come out later and publicly embarrassed him with this information especially at the quarterback leadership usually a classy kind of position to do that. What can you say if that's still okay for him to do that? I wouldn't have done it because like Max said like what's the point. You got both grown. Now you're both grown. You're taking shots and several. Furthermore you're really not GonNa win if you're taking a shot at hall of Famer like let's just call the spade a spade if you're taking a shot at T. O.. To Max's point played out there on a broken torn cartilage and his ankle. And you come out after six weeks and you ball out in the super bowl. That's a battle that you're probably not going to win so mcnabb didn't need to say it but mcnabb took shots from not your while. They were playing together like the coaching. That this how I see it Stephen a let me just be. Why does modern his business? He didn't say anything. Correct right. Exactly yeah let me let me let me put it this way again. Let me just reiterate. I'm mcnabb Fan. I'm saying I don't see the qualitative difference between him and elway. Who's in the discussion top three for a lot of people ever except L.? We got a running game when he was past his prime for two seasons. If mcnabb was in that situation wish maybe he'd have to super bowls. It's not like I'm down on mcnabb what I am saying. Is it's like a coach complaining after the fact because if you're the quarterback and the leader leader and you want to be remembered as one of the greats which I think mcnabb was. It's like a coach saying well. We could have done this. But I had this disruptive player Blah Blah deal with this figure it Out Brother like you can't say one disruptive play and by the way if you're gonNa tell him something even on the fact Stephen if you're going to tell them I don't intervene but you do intervene for someone else. That had a question for you. Stephen you know what I was. PA- is when you see two people fighting. Sometimes you can't tell who's the fool who who who comes out looking worse this very public back and forth between the two of them while Donovan Looks Worse because he instigated it and Donovan also because because you have to ask yourself. What was the motivation behind it now? Donna's my man and I love him and I wish he was still on this show because because damage exceptional job for us when he was on the airforce. Let's be clear but the other side to this is Donovan is also a relatively tiddly simply sensitive. Do stand point that he's done a lot for his career. He deserves hall of Fame Consideration. At the very least we talk about about how people when we talk Carson Wentz. Certainly not you max but so many of us talk about Carson Wentz in a way that gives fodder those who believe that that what's judged in a less harsh fashion Donovan. mcnabb was just so he's going to go on. Hold on hold it Max who knows whether although not that was a motivation for Donovan. Be Speaking out. Because there's people reflect on his career he's probably saying do. y'All have any the idea what I was dealing with. That's explained that's a good point towards what what transpired Stephen in other words. Sometimes he has to play his own defense attorney. ooh He kind of gets underrated by the facts of history. I get that I do get that but it does come out as defensive. Think think think about this for one thing. The last thought is t superstar. TE'O got suspended for talking bad about Donovan. mcnabb got suspended for talking about Don mcnabb. If you don't think Don mcnabb is still thinking about that years the whole organization it was all it was the whole organization. It wasn't just Donovan. mcnabb remember drew Rosenhaus. Said you gotta get out of your a contract so teo was doing all of that for the soul. Express purpose of being as much of a distraction as possible so he could get out of this deal with the Eagles and get a new contracts and Wales. He couldn't pull it off unless the eagles let him go so he had to incentivize them to let them go. It was an orchestrated which traded attack to get out his contract. Maybe you're here because guess what. Julio Jones is getting already make any trouble just kept his head down. We gotta get to break right now. I'm sure we'll see more back and forth on twitter between the two of them. How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of doers. What's Mike Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg built a global news in information business from scratch mayor of diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs improving health with care and public schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change. We need from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in fax ax and data from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and holds himself accountable for results. Mike Bloomberg knows how to lead to a bill to deliver to. He'll win tonight this country Mike will get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president and I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American Dream Paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty twenty. There's some big decisions coming up under center honor and the Big Easy Super Bowl. Champion quarterback drew brees will join the other quarterbacks on his team tastes in Hill. Teddy Bridgewater as free agents on March eighteenth eighteen. Here's the Super Bowl champion on his upcoming decision I wanted to give. I wanted to give it at least a few weeks months postseason just take a deep breath and decompress a little bit and get some time with the family. And then just reassess actually still with us. Stephen Start with you. You does drew brees rank in the top three quarterbacks of the last twenty years wow I really don't know to answer that that question obviously you gotta go and Rodgers. Tom Brady You know even Peyton manning since you bring up the last twenty years or whatever my my in in my initial answer would be no. But it's it's like it's top five. Drew Brees is absolutely sensation. What is it now? He's got seventy seven thousand four hundred and sixteen yards passing. He missed five games this year. Still through twenty nine hundred seventy nine yards twenty seven touchdowns just four and exceptions completed cletus. Seventy four percent of his passes. This is one of the all time greats and I would say top five for the last twenty years definitively top three are- would be a bit tougher but I can make an argument that he belonged in the top three. I can do that. I think this is an easy one. The answer is no love. Drew brees like mcnabb Nat things. Nothing against drew brees but this is an easy. No Tom Brady. Is the most accomplished number one. peyton manning was better than Tom Brady and the regular season but folded it under pressure but even Peyton manning folding under pressure his drop off is still he's falling from the highest height probably ever in the regular season. Still good enough to win. Two Super Super Bowls. And then there's Aaron Rodgers better than all those guys at its best really all those guys when they were active stretches in their career where they were unquestionably atop to quarterback. That's never been the case for drew. brees it's never won. Mvp He's many years. A top. Three quarterback never considered the best usually usually not one of the top two qualitatively the prime of their careers including superbowls and everything drew brees fourth definitive fourth. On that list. So great top five. I agree steven it. Easy call not top three. I think it's easy on the other way. I think it's the easy yes and I think it's because of what you said you gotta be consistently good to He. Great and drew brees has been consistently great if we're being honest sixty eight. Completion percentage sixty eight percent completion percentage over the course of his career. That's the best step in a or in a dome but he doesn't get to dictate where he plays. He plays on the football field. He said put me on grass. We'll do it on graph. He's only played with a top ten defense twice over the course of his career and he still has that that super bowl ring to to bring home. But when I looked at it Max I look at his consistency. Because you say obviously you have brady you have manning and then that three spot. What is the question mark and you? You be inclined to put Rogers there. But he didn't look at this. I mean brees was better than Rogers in this year alone. Although breathe is five years older than Rogers and that's not an opinion. That's just a fact if you turn on the tape or just look at the stats however you wanted to do sit however you want to do so as I looked at it. BREES has made the claim to be the best cuffy's been so good for so long CARAJAS. Peak was clearly drew brees starbucks Rogers at his worst like this is the worst season season that I've seen Rogers have is a star this year. This team got to the NFC championship game team. But his team did drew. Brees was on a better team and they did not get as far. But why did the packers get to the NFC championship. Remember that defense is what put them into our teddy bridgewater was five. No they were pretty good that they weren't who were we talking about this far as the patches. We weren't just talking. What about rock if we were saying man has rogers fallen brothers? Stephen when you talk about consistency of saying this is you can point to this day. I wasn't that great. This year. Got The NFC championship game all the other years. This dude is like we need to win eight straight to make the playoffs no problem every year. You look at the odds one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Why Cook Rod are we boring you Steve? And that's how you look at the crappy. Because he is how look at. Here's how here's.

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