Obamacare, Republican Party, President Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


And you're not going to have any input i just read some of this to the even understand some i don't understand at all while obamacare did their so we'll do a little less than obamacare obamacare did that better we're going to increase the subsidies that obamacare in and this and they did that and but it's not repeal then you'll have the mouthpieces the sarah gets the pom pom boys and girls the rock cats all out there with the talking points because what's going to happen now is the republican party the senate republicans and many of the house republicans administration officials are going to call talk show hosts and tv hosts and feed him the same three or four talking points and i suspect our president is going to tell you that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread it's generous it covers everybody it repeals obamacare keeps my promises that it's none of those things and remember this is the same administration that celebrated what the house passed which was rotten enough told us it was a great the remember they're all lined up at the white house and then when meeting with the senate republicans alone it mean it's not generous enough i want you to do better i mean what are we to believe the leave your own common sense you know what repeal means did they repeal obama care now the only time they actually passed the bill the repeal obamacare was when obama was president and they know obama would never repeal obama care first of all as his name on secondly he wouldn't know it then they passed at a clean with peel bill now they're scared of the market system they're scared of competition they're scared of capitalism they're scared of individuals making decisions and families making decisions for themselves this is what i meant in the first hour the statist agenda is always the agenda it's always the agenda i'll be right back sean callow news talk through teen twenty one i was seven point nine tallow probably celebrating eighty years of serving the sue empire oh the emme he things things have changed here in eighty years but we've always win the first name in news kello news talk through to twenty one o7 floyd nye liliana kerr.

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