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This is like fifty thousand app to davidson stuff. You look at Dominion swing people. Over two hundred and france to be suit. I mean this stuff goes so deep wide and it's partly because there's two things going you have that you know. The democrats warned us cities machines. But here you have china coming in. Cb coming in take over the country but you have all the democrat party all the compromise there. That's that were compromised. That is gone okay. We're in other stuff and then you have the republicans like your bryant. Kempson your bread route summer. You have all these that when you add personal agenda and political agenda. Yeah to to the big attack. You're almost grabbing other troops going. You know it's kind of like It's kind of like hitler when he when he taken over the world and makes you know with japan. Japan bombed pearl harbor and they're gone okay If we went to bomb pearl harbor he didn't want him to. He was going to take over the world and then killed japan right. Do you think the cares about the democratic party in them. No they're gonna come in and take over they want it all and my own senator. Amy colbert chart sort of warned of these machines. They were afraid. Russia was gonna use the republican. I said i told people watched h. b. o. Made a spectacular documentary called kill. Hbo made it. Amy klobuchar in it. The awful senator from my state From connecticut whatever his name is getting. But i mean this was not a pro-trump this was an. Hbo documentary trying to talk about the reality of how easily the machines are half but if they were afraid trum would win through using this kind of thing and it all seem perfectly logical until it seems. It didn't go the way they feared. Then crickets and i thought we're is the media in america. Where's the media. We're going to be right back talking to mike lindell. Hey.

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