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Steelers there were games that were winning a lot, and that everybody else was kind of United that they hated those teams because those teams are doing well, I never thought Boston would be in that situation like we from nineteen eighty six to, I don't know, when the pats beat the Rams that fifteen years was really dark late, especially like by the end of the weight. Nineties, j I remember Gerry Callahan. Calling what was gone? Loser Bill who's a real, and it was just dark. And it makes me think, like it really could like to me anything's realistic now. Like the clippers getting collide, and ripping off five titles seven years, like shore. I would, I would the worriers becoming the team of the decade was inconceivable eight years ago, and they became the team of the decade. So I just feel like it to me. It's ownership that matters more than the city government. You look at the guy. Governorship. Sorry, you look at the Knicks the Knicks are getting it shut out of free agency. It's amazing. You have all these teams that have Cavs space. They have probably the most fans of any NBA team. They're gonna get shut out. There's eight marquee free agents. They're gonna go over eight. And the only reason is because of the owner, there's no other reason nobody wants to play for that guy until he sells the team that's not going to change. Bella check. I have a theory on this. So everybody knows VIN Scully. So VIN, Scully was so great as an announcer in Los Angeles. You were not allowed to be a Homer as a broadcaster in Los Angeles because VIN set the bar. So if you were a Homer, you're a hack in Los Angeles, you had to be at least somewhat dignified. Well, read articulate because VIN set the table for LA broadcasters. Bella checks, on the same for New England that Bella Chac, basically, stole a red. Sock city made it a patriot town. And he's so academic and so smart. That Brune executives and Celtics executives and everybody in the city is like, oh for Christ's sake. You have to embrace analytics. So raising the bar for Belet has one and is literally taken the blue call a football guy and made a mockery of you think James Jones than the opposite of New York. Well, the difference is lower. You don't have a ballot check their parcels embel-, check left. Bella check has set a standard in Boston, which is a bright city anyway embrace. Analytics, be the smartest team in the league. If if you don't you look so small compared to the patriots, we're just smarter than everybody. And I think the, the same Scully equivalent the bell check permeates. I guarantee you in the Bruins the Celtics, there's.

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