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I would read a bunch of his film. Melvin anger is just an edge. Rusher he lines up the interior sometimes on passing down. They've used him as an off all linebacker and he's even had an interception in doing that so that's nothing you'd ask him to do. Like every player twenty snaps the game. But you could rotate him in there and help out in that position he could be part of the answer. And all of that's going to be determined over the next couple of weeks of camp Leading into the hall of fame. Game i think. Then that's when the then we'll see the steelers. Okay who's out there who needs to make a move you know what other team what are other teams desperate for we saw cam acres. He's he's out for the season with achilles injury. People were speckling osceola. Should send betty smell to the rams. There might be a deal like that. In in a whole bunch of other position there might be a team. That's like hey we'll give you such set for jane's washington because our receivers that went down. Those are all things that can play on. That's one thing that i've learned to my time covering and following it studying the steelers don't commit to something or commit to and i did. This is definitely the thing because there's way too many possibilities out there kevin colbert. He keeps all doors open so that he can make the move that he wants to make the pets better organization. All right we got. We got a superstar here. Real quick chris. How do you feel about our defensive backs at this point. Especially at cornerback. I i think steelers. They got a really good situation going on here. A lotta people are sleeping on. 'cause they lost even nelson. They lost mike hilton But this is a. This is a team. I'm higher on joe haden than most people are like. Oh he's gonna fall off that cliff. Joe hayden is not a guy that ever relied on his speed even when he was at his youngest at his best in the league he was a guy that was all about positioning technique. Handwork footwork. Being the smarter guy on the field and winning those battles he still that player. When i see that happen then i'll i'll i'll check it opposite. Okay he's done. But i don't see that happening anytime soon. Four joe joe haden. I actually think he's going to be a guy that can be relied upon Moving moving moving forward. I also see karen sudden. He's a guy that i've been really ecstatic about over the over the past Over the ever since he was a rookie in fact in his rookie season in that same bengals game we. We're talking about a. He took over. Joe haden for a half and had to cover. Aj green and look just fine doing it over the years. He's found ways to make himself valuable. I think he's going to be solid now. One thing that. I keep reminding people about the slot quarterback what about my killed and he did so much i agree. Mike hiltons a favorite people to talk to in the locker room because he was very open. He talked about a lot of technique yet great instincts. He understands football he's a very high q. Are very high. Iq when it comes to football and life things but With mike don't forget he was an undrafted free agent free agent limit when they brought him in. You know he was a guy that they came in and in camp earned his mainstay. That's what they're expecting to come out of Brown a traynor with a james. Pierre was some of those guys are gonna have to step up this year. I wouldn't be surprised one or two of them. Do and don't forget justin lane still out there fighting for his for his nfl career. So there's gonna be a couple of guys to step up there. And i think what makes this a lot better is knowing that you have a makeup fitzpatrick behind you. Terrell edmonds very solid strong safety despite what many people might say but minkah fitzpatrick when you have the best in football columnist shots playing the deep ball back there you as a cornerback. Feel much more comfortable being aggressive playing your role and making plays. I think this is a lot better than people. Get credit for if i can follow up on that You brought up. James pierre and i state that that I know there is a james pierre hype train running pretty seriously around pittsburgh right now i actually after the after the playoff loss i had to do a film on that game and i was like i don't even know what to write about and i ended up writing an article about james pierre as one of the few bright spots that occurred in that game and since one of the things i've been thinking about is he had so few snaps and the season but when you go through and look at each snap. His film is really good like he did a great job in the limited time he played. I'm used to short sample size being like okay. This person put up good numbers good stats in a short sample size. What how do you deal with analyzing a player who was put up really good film in a short sample size. Does that does that translate. Is that going to say. Hey this guy should be this good next year or are there. Are there things that we have to be cautious about when looking at his film and saying wow this did. This kid is smart. He's a good player. I mean you should always be cautious when looking at a small sample size. If he that peyton hillis will be the greatest running back of all time if you remember him from his browns days. That was quickly short-lived But i will say this jean-pierre the things that i saw about him. Good technique was solid following through on basic cornerback fundamentals In those things that that that chat transition into your future and if he can build on that that solid. I can tell you. I watched this man play in. Minicamp granted no pads football in shorts but he was active the hype that you're hearing about it. I was like i chris. Carter was given a thumbs up behind that hype now my colleague. Tony sereno when. We're on the lockdown steelers. Podcast e believes in the james pierre hype train. He's at the official starter of that. He started months ago and he continues to believe that he's going to be the next rod woodson with the running joke there but i do. I do think that he's going to be a better contributor. That people give him credit for This year what's gonna be. Interesting is a when he comes to camp. How consistent is he does. He maintain how he looked at minicamp. Be when he does get in. The game does he. Stick to those fundamentals as you communicate. Well is he on the same page with everyone else immensely. Does he get lost in the sauce when he starts to get more saps. If you see that all those things start to check the boxes he could end up being like you know what when. Joe hayden's done camp sutton might be the number one and he might be the number two and we have no problem with that and that could be the next you know big story of the steelers like hey guys that ford their way forward like vince williams that you didn't you didn't think that they were gonna be a star on your team are consistent starter for you. Know a better part of a decade. That's what he can work his way into. But we have a long before we go there. I liked the fundamentals i see. I like the understanding of the game. That i see..

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