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Yes, it is. Your morning ritual. Gary Lewis with you Can s t a M. 7 90, Tucson's most stimulating talking. Yes, the Islanders did knock off the Bruins. Just about every so called expert. I mean, these hockey experts have the same credibility as Anthony Fauci. And Theresa Cullen of the Pima County Health Department. Nobody gave the Islanders a chance I did Gave Hydroxychloroquine expanse. I gave the Islanders a chance. That's how this thing works. Okay, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Um, so and I'll do. I'll do more on that because I have to. It's my Islanders, right? I have to You should be very happy again. I should be. Why can't I be happy? Because you have to take advantage of these windows of opportunity. Exactly And that again, they're few and far between. I know the feeling Well, they are there. Few. They're few and far between. They go fast. Um, yes. Yes, they do. Yes, they do. What? I don't know if I have enough time to do that. There was a story I saw the daily mail. A teacher in New Jersey quit a private school. Um $52,000, a year award Winning award ring teacher was $52,000 private school New Jersey because they push critical race theory, they push race racialist thinking, as she said. Victimhood. Dana Stengel, hyphen plow. Got it. Dwight Englewood School in Bergen County. She accused the school of creating a hostile culture of conformity and fear. Um, she wrote a resignation letter It was published. Right. It was published. And and she said the head of the school Told the entire faculty. He'd fire everyone. If he could replay if he could to replace them with people of color. How would you like to work there? I'm going to fire you because you're white. If I could fire everyone of you, I would Serious. The head of the school is a guy named Rodney. The jar knit told the entire faculty. You'd fire everyone if he could, if he could to replace him with people of color. She also accused the school of segregating teachers by their skin color. Students were also made to segregate themselves within the oppressor or oppressed group. Resignation letter was published by the foundation against Intolerance and Racism. Um yeah, there they were Created to combat critical race theory teachings in school. She's an award winning teacher. She graduated from Cornell University of published poet. You name it. And I look, don't you love this? By the way, So the head of the school said I'd fire every one of you if I could replace with a person of color. What color do you think this guy is, by the way? The white guy. The white guy. Typical lib, right? You know you don't fly in airplanes are killing the environment they do. Why doesn't this white guy quit? And make a person of color. Take his job. Why does he get to keep his job as a white guy, but he would fire everybody else. So, she writes. I love how the school both nurtured and challenge my own Children. She became a teacher. There. She was a parent. But she she loves, she said. They are undermining its mission. They prevent me from holding true to my conscious as an educator conscious, and she said, I believe that we are failing students. The schools embrace an ideology that is damaging to our students, intellectual and emotional growth, destroying any chance of creating a true community among our diverse population. The schools. Ideology requires students to see themselves not as individuals but as representatives of a group, forcing them to adopt the status of privilege or victimhood. Yep. Privilege or victimhood. Students would arrive in her classroom accepting critical race theory as fact. People born with less melanin in their skin or oppressors. People born with more melanin in their skin are oppressed. Men are oppressors. Women are oppressed, and so on. It's the dominant, divisive ideology. It's guiding our adolescent students. That's what's going on in this private school. Yeah. I'll do more on this later on, maybe even coming up a little bit because I have to continue. There is a apparently now being white is a medical problem. It's true. Course, was written by another white guy. I don't understand this. I'll get to it coming up. Don't go anywhere. It's knsd the morning ritual with Garrett Lewis. Trail Boss Outfitters who doesn't need ammo nowadays, right? Who doesn't need a nice firearm? Nowadays people are buying firearms like they're candy at this point, because, well, look what's going on. And if you are looking for a particular firearm you call trail Boss Outfitters at 76 to 86 66. They'll do everything they can To find it. I have a coworker who was looking for a firearm. Couldn't find it anywhere. I said Let's call Let's call trail boss within three weeks. Gotta call Hey, located this firearm. We have it for you. Would you like it? That's how good they are. And they have great deals to a trail boss Outfitters Ruger security nines for $356 Ruger security nines with a laser for $379. That is a super deal. Find out what they have there in Vail. Not far into it. I 10 north on colossal cave road, Say, 3% off the top. No city sales tax, phenomenal customer service. Great family owned business. Find out more trail boss outfitters dot com. Governor Ducey has sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Javier Herb Acerra, saying the crisis at the Southwest border, his training resources, jeopardizing vulnerable Arizona Children and migrant Children. He's asking, among other things that HHS adjust policies to preserve licensed beds intended for foster Children. The Pima County Medical Examiner is investigating to inmate deaths that occurred at the Pima County jail within a week of each other. Yesterday, the sheriff's department announced that inmate Jack Dixon had died after hanging himself in his jail cell. Six days earlier. Inmate Justin Crook was found unresponsive in his cell in later died. I'm Don Nici Kunst am 7 90, Tucson's most stimulating talk..

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