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Means making sure that people have been left out. People in lounge county, Alabama that don't have access to indoor plumbing. Tribal communities, African American communities that have been forgotten. Rural communities that are both white and African American in places that don't have clean air and water, you governors have to give us a plan that makes sure that we see all of those people. Governor of Mississippi, talk to me about what's going on in Jackson. The governor in Texas talk to me about what's going on in Houston. If you want to lay down a highway in the middle of an African American community and dissect that community like we've done, well, maybe we're not going to do that again. So send us the plans. We'll look at the plans. When we approve the plans, then we'll actually start working together. So equities one, the second is a better America means using products that are made in America. So many of you know this. We basically started kind of letting folks make stuff for us. And send it back to us in charge of us a lot more in hollowing out small communities, especially in rural America. And in the south where I'm from, you see this all over the place where you have these towns that had just the downtowns kind of gone. We want to bring manufacturing back. Is a president succeeding. Thank you for that question. 800,000. 800,000 new manufacturing jobs, 200,000 more than we had before, so there's great evidence that this idea of using products that have made in America's work. And third part. Make sure that you have great labor stand. As a president thinks that trickle down economics is a myth, it doesn't work. He wants to build stuff from the ground up, which means he wants to invest in folks that are on the ground. And high labor standards are really important. And to the extent that you can use union labor, which he believes built a middle class in the middle class built America is important.

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