Hollywood, President Trump, Vice President discussed on Red Eye Radio


So please stop it that's what it is it's it's the drama it's the exaggeration it is the whether it's merrill strip how you know and and hollywood how could you agree with us we'll please explain what you which what you're actually st and then all debated with you but no they speak in just rhetoric in in phrases like she did we saw that and just from the other day you know the fashion asst hit where everything else it's like stop it for god sake stop it and then you get the media on the other side and by the way there's here against they believe they get away with doing that but then you got the media on the other side and and the and the whining well if the president who comes out in criticizes us a little bit and he's undermining the public's that the public sort confidence is undermining the the public's view of freedom of the person and freedom of speech shop it was that my freedom of speech look it the president i don't care what is democrat a republican president criticized just we'd be the happiest per people on in in the world we could care less of it we could care less what anybody says about us we wouldn't care okay our good for president vice president ahead of any media group we don't care why it's another opportunity for us to make our points because then they've lent themselves vulnerable because they of told us exactly how they think and we want them to do that blessing were to.

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