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Friday saw good morning at eight twenty are marco politi back it's only found the end zone twice but matt brian connected on four feel goes as well and the defense held the rand's just thirteen points for the falcons pulled the upset in la twenty six thirteen jared struggled a bit this first playoff starches 24 forty five to fifty nine and touchdown but he refused to pin their poor play on being a young club what else can experience understand what that means of in keynote each games sammy on this wiesel than one meaning to it of course but um we did not play well and if we played like this two weeks ago against the same team a little lost his hotel with the falcons on the road open eagles next saturday night meanwhile tightened stunned the chiefs 22 21 keep casey winless at home in the postseason since 1994 that was when joe montana was thought to help alex smith to sixty four the air and two touchdowns which just thirty three of those yard came in the second half and what could be the end of the line for him in kc tell us this will get things who he really put together a nice year now he's film as empty as we all are here these guys are hurting the player nobody knows better than the players on and feel worse than those guys and they've i put in so much time and effort into innocent so uh but he's had a had a good year this year nets andy reid will meanwhile marcus mariana 22 your touchdown strike erik dekker that you go ahead do a touchdown to himself derek henry churned out about fifty six on the ground a score so the wildcard weekend end today with the bills on the road for the jaguars the sean reported expected the plates by that ankle injury the day ends with the saints entertaining the panthers we got you covered for all of it coverage begins at 1230 right here on the fan giants coaching search continued wage the interview vikings offensive coordinator pat shurmur celtic skate.

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