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Think he's in the running for worst luck of any superstar. Last 12, 15 years. You would say Durant in that conversation too, but that was by Durant's own choosing. No, a combination of injury and just teammate luck. They get embiid. They get the number one pick. They take Ben Simmons over jaylen Brown and he really. He bullied bell and simmonds into this problem. By saying, innocent senates about how he passed that balloon was somehow. That bed Simmons is in a spiral, holding the net hostage. That was crazy. Basically said, yeah, I'm not going to play in game four. That's like, what? But what we said, he was going to play a game for how that happened. And then it was targeting. That whole situation. I know this. He was wearing sunglasses in the first half, and then pictures went viral on social media than the sunglasses. Right. It was just like, I don't know why he would wear sunglasses on and unless you have like an eye problem where you have a concussion situation. Where you can't see the bright lights, like you're going to really sit on the bench and wear sunglasses. What are you at the beach or something? Like, what is going on here? It's funny. You don't want to be a distraction. And yet you're distraction for four straight weeks, right? Even the game I went to game one at halftime, they're shooting on the Celtic side of the bench. So it was in front of the self expense. So you had to walk across just to be involved. And simmonds walks all the way across to where everybody's like shooting and keeping limber at halftime. And he kind of stands under the basket and he's rebounding a little bit. Jimmy Goldstein style. Because he was like rebounding like a ball boy, but he's wearing his weird band Simmons outfit. And then he walks over to the to the sideline, and he's just kind of, it's just kind of like, what's this guy doing? Like Robert Williams is doing this, you don't say like Robert Williams under the Celtics basket, rebounded for people. Very strange. I don't think there's been a more difficult coaching situation like a challenging. There's probably has been. But I mean, the Laker one and the winning time, that seemed pretty challenging, but what we're watching. But can you imagine a little fiction? Just a tad. Yeah. But can you imagine being Steve Nash, you're coaching this team, your star player says, we don't really have a coach. Like.

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