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More on that story involving Russell Westbrook fan of the Utah Jazz. You thoughts on that? And I want to finish my thoughts on that in a minute. But we're talking college basketball right now, we are joined by the head coach Murray state in his fourth season as the racers head coach and ABC district nineteen coach of the year last season that Murray stay to back to back Ohio valley conference titles Murray state Belmont, Saturday to clinch an NC double A tournament bid. Matt McMahon is my guest mad. Nice to have you back. How are you? Great to be back with you again this season. Good to have you back. This is Matt save had a few days for it to sink in. How does it feel to be OVC champs and headed back to the tournament for the second year in a row, then get much better? It was an amazing weekend for us. Are fans travel big numbers here at Murray state. We put over ten thousand five hundred people in the Ford center there in Evansville on Saturday night and just so happy for our players. They've been awesome all season long and happy. They're going to get to experience March madness here next week. So Matt last week you go back to Saturday. You were trailing Belmont thirty one twenty six at halftime, then in the second half. John Mirant started doing job rant types of things. Twenty two twenty six points in the second half, including a run of eight straight. Obviously you've gotten tremendous games from him during your time together. But what did you make of how he took over in the second half of that game? Well, he was phenomenal. What really helped us was our our big man Darnall co or do six eight hundred and eighty pounds. He got two fouls in the first minute of the first half. So ended up being a blessing in disguise because he got the rest all half. And then when we got him back on the floor in the second half gave us great balance and really opened up the floor and gave a lot more room to operate off the dribble. And you know, he just showed his greatness. And and found a way to lead us back to the NCAA tournament. We're talking to Matt McMahon when I spoke with Joffe back. We talked about his growth is a player and the recruiting process. What do you remember about how you heard about him for the first time? And then what was your reaction? The first time. You saw him play. Well, we've told the story a lot this year and deservedly so one of our systems James Kane is now with coach prominent I would say what's following our top recruit on the wing Kevin Brown whose are starting to guard now, and they were at an event in Spartanburg, South Carolina. And James was following Kevin just happened to wander into a back jam all job for the first time called me that night. So this kid going to be a pro I got up there. The next day. My first time watching them, you know, you see I mean, you've seen them Dzhamaldayev lettuces explosiveness and the ridiculous passes and all that. But what really stood out to me was just the joy with which you play. He loves to play. He's a relentless competitor. And he's just you know, he's going to be one of the most exciting players to watch for for many years to come Matt McMahon. Joining us moisture head coach, what's amazing to me matter over the course of the season everywhere that you've gone it's been a show because. Iran, and we're talking about situations where instead of playing in front of several hundred you're playing in front of several thousand because of him. So what's that been like for you the program and for him? Well, it's been awesome here at home. We we averaged in league play around seven seven or eight thousand fans we broke our arena record had over nine thousand here to watch speed Austin P on the last night of the regular season to clinch the championship. So that's been special here at home. But on the road has been amazing going to gyms where they average around thousand and they sell it out at six or seven thousand with fans, and there were signs for Java and line's wrapped around the arena to get his autograph and take pictures. It's really become quite the phenomenon. As he's taken off this season. Which Matt McMahon matter giving us special he is it'd be pretty easy for people to overlook you or consider this a one man team. But that's not the case as an example shack Buchanan played some excellent defense in that title game holding dealing winner to one for seven from beyond the arc. What did you make of how he showed up? Became the toughest player I've ever coached. He's a warrior the ultimate winner. He's fifty three and ten and the two years here. He was named the defensive player of the year and first team all league. All rightfully so he backed it up this weekend. Dylan win there's one of the best players in the country. Jim any level? I had thirty two points twenty one rebounds in the semi final game. He'll be another guy. You see in the NBA for a lotta years, but Shaq really did an unbelievable job defending them. He's six threes. A monster athletes sick eleven wingspan and really just a great great player. And I think you said it best. I mean, I jog gets all this attention. And he deserves it. But we got a really good basketball team John has three hundred eleven assists this year, which is I believe the tenth most in the history of college basketball, and none of those assists or to himself though. He's tried a couple of times work workout. But there are other really good players like shack and Tevin Brown darn Elko or nine go on down the line. We've got a really good and balanced team internet salvage team and a team that's mentally tough. There were fifteen lead changes Matt game and you'll it's mentally closed. It out with an eleven and run it kind of reminds me of how you close out last year's title game against Belmont to now you haven't lost since the end of January. So has a future right now. For instance, where are you right now as a team and feel like you're playing your best basketball when you need it most. I think we are Jim we took similar. Pass last year. We had to win thirteen in a row to get to this position to finish the season. This year was eleven in a row. This year was a little different though, we made some adjustments after we lost her second league game where you're sitting at sixteen and four we changed. Our lineup changed our rotation made some defensive changes it took us a few games to get used to. But we really as a staff felt it was necessary for us to be able to be able to beat the best three teams in our league which outside of us were Belmont, Jacksonville state and Austin P the top four teams in our league were dominant. This year really good are semifinals and finals of our tournament. We're really, you know as good as any any conference tournament you're going to see all week long. So I feel like we're playing our best you the one thing you enjoy this week all the celebration and and hoopla that comes with going back to the NCAA tournament, but it is a long layoff. So we've got to try and find that right? Balance staying sharp, but also keeping guys fresh and ready to go next week. No, they finally Matt the kind of success that you're having in the four seasons at Murray state is nothing new when you and I talked to this time last year, we talked about the great Murray state teams in the past. And it's not just a school. It's not just the program the coaches who came before included Mick Cronin. Billy kennedy. Steve Prohm, that's amazing listed coaches. You're an assistant under prom. But that could still be intimidating four some coaches. What's it been like for you to carry on and improve upon what they started? I think we talked about last year. We we always believe comparison is the thief Ajoy, it's so true. If I tried to compare myself to those guys I would've quit a long time ago. 'cause there have been you know, just a league coach after league coach come through here. Fortunately for us. I think it's it's all about the players here. It's all about the amazing tradition. The history of championships. There's an unbelievable relationship here between the fans and the players. That's why we're able to recruit players like job Mirant camera pain. Isaiah cannon all the way back Popeye Jones, Marcus Brown. I can go down the line. So it's just for me. It's just a blessing to get to be a part of it play a small role and in impacting these guys and getting back to the NCAA tournament and Murray state is headed back back to back Ohio valley conference championships, the win over Belmont on Saturday and that wraps up an NCAA tournament bid their head coach Matt McMahon. My guess macaroni. Get caught up. Appreciate the conversation. Look forward to seeing how it goes going forward. Nice to talk to you as always. All right. Jim. Thanks so much for having me on go. Racers. You gotta Matt. Thank you very much go racers or estate back in the tourney one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six getting ready for the tournament. E selection Sundays coming up this weekend. So lots of action nationally. Yes, I am well aware of the national emission scandal. And who's involved? I'm aware because it's enormous news. And I'm interested because I've got a senior in high school. And it's very curious to me. I mean, I we've been working with an academic counselor for a long time trying to figure this all out, thankfully, she never said to me. He you know, what if you scratch a check for a quarter of a mill to the crew coach, we can get you in here. That would not interest me. But apparently that did interest others allegedly. And there are some big name people involved, and it's a big scandal. This is not surprise me. Seeing how hard it is to get students into college seem what parents and families will do and the state will go to knowing the way the world is set up. Now, I'm not surprised not even surprised by some of the big names that are involved. So yes, I am aware of that. I am tracking that like a lot of other things I'm waiting to see some more information and how it comes out and how shakes down and how it all flushes out before. I go rushing in even as a parent of a senior in high school who is trying to select a college and trying to get colleges to select us. I'm aware. Clones. I know. What's up? So I want to finish the thought on Russell Westbrook. Again, do you think? Do you think did Westbrook again comes down to who? Do you believe the only audio slash video? We have is Westbrook's threat. Westbrook's reaction. We don't have any tape of what led up to that? And then we have the fans version, and we have Westbrook's version, and we have two teammates of Westbrook saying same thing. The Westbrook said, do you think that Westbrook would react that way? If it went down like the fan said it did got run that hot is the.

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