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My skin feels good and i'm a fan of this whole for you i don't know how sustainable that is for the rest of my life but right now i like it forty grams of collagen day so you have it i'm guessing with the fish oil thing you're gonna grow gills problems that's my guess probably gills and antlers yes so collagen is of course good speak of the devil and you can indeed take up to forty grams of collagen you wanna split that up into a few different ten to twenty grand portions throughout the day but that's another great supplement i like some of the research i've seen on glucose amino sulfite and android but in many cases those need to be combined with polyphenyls and antioxidants for them to work effectively there are a variety of these antioxidants polyphenyls glucose amine conroy ten collagen precursors a lot of stuff in the flex supplement and against shameless plug but i have college blanda flex pro land a mineral blended an enzyme blend all kind of mixed together so it's pretty olympic enzymes which break down a lot of the fiber and help with joint health mineral electrolyte extract from grass fed goats over in western washington of got that in there for a bunch of potassium and magnesium and phosphorus for the bones which is really important and then it's got everything from boswell lia white willow bark highly roenick acid to merick ginger cherry juice if you just want everything in one fell swoop this is one i knocked back about twelve capsules of get injured but also as daily maintenance in this you know this is not a medical claim or anything like that does not gonna fix arthritis in my opinion but it can be supportive for joint health i think i'm allowed to say that it's called kion flex and i'll put a link to that it's over at get kion dot com so that would be a few of the things i would recommend from supplementation protocol there are some other interesting things that you can do for example topical caps ason cream which is just what it sounds like.

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