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As donald trump. Departs office today. A coalition of west virginia civil rights groups want the congress to pass a bill aimed at rebuilding government are diane bernard reports house. Bill one known as the for the people act recommend sweeping reforms to extend voting rights and partisan gerrymandering and boost ethics laws. Julia archer with the group west virginia citizens for clean elections says it would make the democracy more inclusive was. She says much-needed in an era of election misinformation and rioters overtaking the. Us capital we have an opportunity with the new congress to transform our democracy with the passage of hr one. In addition to protecting and expanding voting rights issue are one would address the rampant corruption and disregard for ethics accountability oversight and rule of law that continue to plague our government republicans who oppose the bill. Call it a power grab by democrats that would restrict political opposition and enhanced democratic voting. Turnout the gop. Senate blocked a first version of the bill last year but with more democrats now in congress. It's more likely to pass. Hp one would require states to start automatic voter registration. The bill would also restore protections in the nineteen sixty five voting rights act. That had been stripped away by the. Us supreme court sorta majority leader. Mitch mcconnell tuesday directly blamed president trump for the deadly mob that attacked the capital that as the senate prepares for impeachment on whether to convict the president for incitement of insurrection san reports that would potentially disqualify him from holding office in the future. He typically tight lipped senate. Republican leader really broke from trump in four years on tuesday. He said on the senate floor. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people see notes. The senate republican leader has not yet said whether he will vote to convict after the evidence is presented in the upcoming trial and his first day in office president elect biden pressing for bold immigration reform proposing a path to citizenship for an estimated eleven million undocumented immigrants. The proposal would apply to people who have a criminal record and we're in the us before january. I if approved. This would be the first so-called mass legalisation since one thousand nine hundred eighty six during the reagan administration. Carlos guevara with the group leaders. Us says there's a lot of pent up. Demand for change in the immigration system. Were used and frankly florida. By how visionary because bill appears to be the path to citizenship. Eight years that is the fastest that we have ever seen. I'm suzanne potter at proposal would also make everyone eligible for covid nineteen vaccination regardless of immigration status. This is p. Wisconsin one of the states expanding. Its covid nineteen vaccine roll out to include more people. Older adults will soon be eligible but officials urge patience. As shipments are still hard to come by this week. The department of health services announced on june twenty fifth wisconsin residents aged sixty five and older will be eligible for the vaccine through their healthcare provider pharmacy or local tribal health agency. The move follows initial efforts to vaccinate frontline healthcare workers in nursing home residents. Lisa lampkin with aarp. Wisconsin says. they'd hoped the next phase would cover people fifty and older but adds this is a positive development. I think wisconsin. Is you know taking a really good next step in. You know recognizing that older people are more at risk and therefore prioritizing those folks the state warrants seven hundred thousand residents are part of this new group while wisconsin is only getting seventy thousand new doses each week so it will take time to reach everyone. I'm mike mohan during the twenty twenty one session new mexico. Lawmakers are expected to focus heavily on pandemic relief including a bill that would modernize the housing code with the goal of reducing. Evictions co sponsored by representative and hanukkah. Rubio house. fell one eleven addresses the timeframe for fictions increasing the current three day notice to ten days and allowing courts. More flexibility by lengthening. The time for an addiction hearing rubio says the changes would give people who are struggling financially time to make arrangements that would allow them to stay in their home. People are in a position right now where they are in their homes. They are trying to make it work and we don't want to increase the number of people who are living without shelter. Iras brown by the pandemic is causing a massive shift in american higher education. Plans eric ticket off explains a new analysis from georgetown. University's center on education and the workforce finds seventy five percent of households. Have changed their post-secondary plans for the fall in oregonians are changing their plans at the third highest rate in the country at eighty one percent dr megan vasquez researcher for this. Dana's says people tend to go to college during recessions to increase their skills or put off entering a poor job market. But maybe not this time. Do you primarily had to deal with financial concerns which are still a major concern here but on top of that people are having to face. Health concerns as well. Some people who would otherwise enroll are their plants while others are scaling back. Their number of courses or switching institutions. Fussily says many are questioning whether attending college remotely is worth it. This is my clifford for public news service. We are a member listener. Supported radio.

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