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Far, we're not seeing any lanes blocked and we don't have any backups here. Otherwise a good ride on the road. Start having problems on I four at the moment. We're looking good on I 75 as well. Traffic update of 5 10 K. Long. NewsRadio Wofl a steamy out there already with a high of 92 this afternoon in a 20% rain chance it's 81 degrees and NewsRadio fella. There were 6000 Do Corona virus cases in Florida. The governor to Santa says he has no plans to start closing down the economy again, saying, We're not going backwards. I don't think that that really is what's driving and I mean people go into business is not not what's driving it. I think when you see the younger folks, I think a lot of it is more just social interactions. The governor says the bottom line is to protect the vulnerable. He's reminding younger people that this is an asymptomatic illness for many, and they have a responsibility to avoid infecting those who may be at risk. Despite having three times as many tests. The Tropicana Field testing site closed after just one hour for the second straight day on Tuesday, and as the demand for covert 19 testing goes up, the state has taken over the Raymond James Stadium testing site. Officials say the goal is to process of 1000 people per day, which is much more than what local personnel have been ableto handle. The delay is frustrating for people like Josh Carrasco, who spoke to news Channel eight wait for about an hour to have to get tested, and then we're told it's going to take 45 business days for us to get results. Meanwhile, the sight of Tropicana Field reopens this morning at 7 a.m. Code enforcement officers have been busy in ST Petersburg. The city has handed out dozens of citations to businesses that are not following the city's mask mandate, You know, really the rise folks in the percentage of positive cases it's alarming. And if you haven't been taking this seriously, I hope by now you are Mayor Red Kreismen says police have received about 150 complaints about businesses that are not following.

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