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Enjoyment fans are paying good money to enjoy the team. And we go into that knowing that we're not gonna enjoy every second of it. Because it sports that's the way that it works. But I wanna know that the team that I'm investing my money is actually the least important part. It's my time and my emotional energy, which is limited because I'm a dull, I'm an adult human with a job and a family, unlike a bunch of shit going on and so if I'm investing my emotional chain this team, I want them to at least try like just try. I don't. Yeah. I do not at all subscribe to the idea that you can take as a professional sports team. I think that that's terrible. And wrong. And that's probably because I will never have a membership to draft. Like, I'd I will never be a part of that group. The civil I have a very different view on it. But yeah, no, I think that you play to win the game. And I think that that is a universal truth about professional sports. And I don't think that you take. I mean, that's a completely absurd ideas me, I probably just sounded like the oldest old lady and the world like pull your. Your straps kid. Do you feel about their kids on your? On. Up. My one the haters losers of which there are many. On that note. Going to wrap up this week's special podcasts covering the Espy nation mock draft. So Dave Wallace. You tell our listeners where they can find you where they can interact with you in if they want to maybe stock you. Well, I don't encourage. Records. If y'all wanna go to Canada, that's on you. Yeah. I mean, if you if you wanna watch me drink, a lot of coffee, and sort of be bald in a cold area than you do that. But it's not for the Saint apart. But you can follow me on the falcons on Twitter infect out my articles at fine retailers where the alcoholic products. And of course, you should be following us on Facebook. Where the comments are hilarious. Jody and Instagram where we looked pretty pictures. So forgot about that. Yes. We we do happen scrim. That's fantastic of. Yeah. Evan that would be Evan burchfield. He has not been fantastic higher. That's a that's a mix sports metaphor foreign. Thinking with that. I don't do the roll with it from down slightly. Knocking to the back of the net. Gina, well, it's tell us there's where the confined you. And what you've got going on. Yes. I want to say, thanks for bearing with me on this podcast. It should be against the law for me to record a podcast one. I'm also trying to move because I am incredibly tired. I remember anybody's names. You guys were super nice about it. So thanks for that. You can find me on Twitter at Thomas where I will probably be bitching about moving and posting pictures of my dog for the next few days. You can find up Felker Hollick where I edit a bunch of stuff that is all really good, and you guys should read all of it, and I rise stuff. And I think that's actually pretty okay to and. Yeah, you can find me on this podcast right here. Lots of options to find the one and only Jim. S free guys you could find me on Twitter at alcohol d-w and eventually hopefully soon my articles again at the falcons dot com. And of course, here at the falcons podcast and our alcohol at crossfire podcasts, which we will be bringing back in the very near future with some draft focused fights coming up that's gonna be a ton of fun. So for Dave show, the falcon Hollick himself Gina amount online Thomas. This is David Walker. Thank you guys for tuning in yet again, and we will talk with you next time..

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