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The past few months on the TV it costs more to ride the MBTA as of today six percent more no not too many happy faces this morning the WBZ newsradio local news radio WBZ ten thirty and I eighty five degrees in Boston at three thirty good afternoon on Ben Parker here's what's happening the women's World Cup semi final match up between the U. S. in England is under way twenty nine minutes into the game and the score is tied one there is a World Cup viewing party at Boston's city hall plaza on this warm summer day somebody sees Kim Tunnicliffe is with the revelers slots fun there at city hall plaza Kim yeah or have been one of the fun out of your band the crowd is growing it's about a hundred or so people watching the USA whether in the World Cup semi final now some stands up well one shares others are sitting on blankets on the heart wait while number of people like me sitting in the shade of the steps over by the government center T. station everyone wraps it in here Kristin press for the first all of the gate within the first fifteen minutes the crowd was silent though when England match that go with the goal of their own network dance now what the one that many of the people I spoke with thanks they are disappointed and surprised that making a rap that though it's not starting the game or Latinos you think they're all my this year yeah US thank you for so they are ahead of everyone here so why you think that the you know but must be injured but they feel the USA even without her start I think you all plastic and the thief walked in right all right can keep cool by the way winner of today's game will play the finals against either the Netherlands or Sweden they'll play their semi final game tomorrow again USA just taking the lead there in the semi final game against England two to one will keep you posted a big day for twenty five people in their closest friends and family on board the USS constitution knew what U. S. citizens taking their old WBZ's Chris farmer was at the ceremony which featured a lot of smiles and some meaningful words judge William G. young presided over today's proceedings during which he eloquently reminded the candidates and all of us in attendance of the core values that breathe life into America the dream we are all here was a good idea we hold these truths to be self evident that are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the decks of old iron sights Chris from the WBZ Boston news radio and the U. S. navy band sea chanters with America the beautiful as part of that ceremony today coming up a lawsuit aiming to get president trump's tax returns release three thirty three traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers are doing with all wheel drive traffic on the three years for missing Mike that troubles up to the north bend ninety three southbound is jammed from Concord St down into war a few miles as you try to get by the remains of a truck fire a commerce way you want to be in those left lanes to get through they're a little easier on northbound delays as usual from this take a bridge up through rose up through a up to Roosevelt circle and more delays Montvale effort to commerce way one twenty eight south bound in trouble at a standstill from route sixty two in Danvers down to Peabody with the left lane crash shortly after one fourteen north bound delays from ninety five up to that scene expressway south bound hung up from the tunnel down to South Bay you're back on the brakes before granted out of north bound is tied up for his proposed way of passing the posit three south you've got that stop no down pass union St back on the breaks down after eighteen but all clear at the Sagamore bridge now and under a mile for the Bourne bridge one twenty eight south as those on again off again delays highland have done to get him at the ninety three is tied up both ways getting the route twenty four I should mention this back every twenty eight's jammed up both ways to Randolph in Milton with a crash right at the intersection of check a topic road Mike king WBZ's traffic on the three so we're going to check the forecast now with mostly clear skies for tonight we'll see temperatures in the low sixties in the suburbs seventy downtown tomorrow mostly sunny day another warm day a bit more humid as well we'll be in the low to mid eighties in the city and inland sections about eighty or so at the beach is clear to partly cloudy tomorrow night low sixty nine.

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