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But for the personalities that were were peripherally associated with professional wrestling, the podcasters, the writers, the analysts, the the video montage botch Amenia makers that they had an opportunity to, you know, interact with fans, and you know what more times than not. I've never had a conversation with mardi girl, but at that a lot of conversations with Dave Meltzer and or Bryan Alvarez or Wade Keller, or we teeing or someone else, you know that I have this opportunity to go to them and say, hey, let me talk to you about that subject there. And so I think it's really exciting that you know we were in a place where not only did we. A chance for wrestlers to be kind of given given an opportunity to to Lod what they do and put ten thousand people that all enjoy the same hobby together, which kind of makes you feel like you're less alone in this world. But also the fact that you know people then were really getting into the fact that they could meet and talk and gather together. And whenever you have a conflict of really smart and interesting people in a place, they're gonna tell really smart interesting stories, and they're at the same time also going to come up with new ideas about how to look at things. And so for me, it was like a whole weekend of just business meetings because the whole time I was talking to a creative people that were spurring the on. And when you're when you're a podcast, you talk into a microphone in your bedroom and you're never really sure is anyone out there listening. And when you can actually meet a person, shake their hand and talk to them about what they thought about a subject. It inspires an invigorates you. And so I feel that even the the energy that the wrestlers felt, I feel like other people that are in the wrestling industry on the peripheral edges like I am. It's exciting for us and..

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