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Those are the two guys at eleven thousand and above fee now shafi read harris english. Sunjay brooks koepka a loaded loaded field. Where do you start as we look at the top of the car. And who are you. Ein for A draft kings of dfs perspective brick. Yeah this is super interesting. So i actually argue. There are a lot of guys with question marks in the ten k. range between rahm. Who withdrew last week. You said yet you know he got a strain something he could have played through. It didn't wanna rush back. But he's still working through new golf clubs after switching and leaving tailor-made and roy who played great for two rounds in in europe last week or in dubai last week But was kinda bad. The other two rounds he still trying to figure it out. We talked about females zander. Shaw flus at such a tough time around torrey pines which is shocking considering. He's played what he has said over one hundred times in his life so for me. I think i would prefer rory most at ease. A three hundred dollar discount off of jon rahm what he did in dubai last week He actually shot the round of the day in two separate rounds chris. That's the story. That i wanna see in twenty twenty one where he can just go out and just put but weapon on the rest of the field now. The other two rounds weren't so great and it was a bit of those inconsistencies that we've seen from him over the last year but this is a happy hunting ground for roy. He's only played here twice. He's got top five finishes in both editions of of of this farmers insurance open. So he's the one that i think i'm i'm targeting. The most up their hobbit as we make our way down the card. If we like rory at the top. Give us a couple of guys that you're building around either in the middle or a couple of guys rick elect this weekend at torrey pines. So certainly you mentioned brooks koepka earlier. I would not play him in defense. But i love betty his outright number. You know that way. If he has a ton of miscount equity he has a ton of win equity. At least you get a little bit of upside joke by just betting him instead of getting him into your fantasy lineups but moving down and looking at some of the more value placed ryan palmer has an unbelievable record around torrey pines. In the last three years he's gone thirteenth and twenty twenty. I was last year but he played in the final group on sunday so we actually fell and faded on sunday. I think he shot three or four over par and it really made his finishing position. Look a lot worse than how he actually played that we can move it out there. Really far he can get the putter going at times. So that's someone that i would target in the middle and then you start scrolling down even further to you know the seven thousand dollar range at and and gary woodland's name pops up at seventy eight hundred and woodland has been dealing with a torn lieberman his hip and he tried to play through. It and the results were brutal. I mean the second half of his twenty twenty it was bad the stats where some of the worst i've ever seen especially for a guy as who has the pedigree of gary woodland's well he might be back. Gary woodland a a sixteenth place. Finish last week Seems to be healthy. And if he is and he is severely under priced at seventy eight hundred dollars especially for.

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