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Eastern time from Cleveland, Mr Charles Davis on the show, Charles Good morning. How you doing? I'm doing well, D a have you been? I've been great, and I'm so excited that the draft is finally here and I was super interested in your in your latest mock draft, which was published this morning, which is a really good read for our listeners at NFL dot com. Of course you have Trevor Laurence it one exact Wilson it too, and I was wondering about Zach Wilson. If we were to zoom back before the pro day and before months of conjecture, would you have had Zach Wilson number two Because it feels like that's it became cemented, but not until there was Lot of analysis about it, and then it kind of became just law. Yeah, it's a good point. D a. I think to me. Zach Wilson going it too. Happened before the real discussion happened before the pro day. I think the project did actually give, you know. Okay, We're good now. And the reason I say that is if you guys go back, you got to go back to his career and I won't recount every step of the way because we don't have that much time. But as a freshman, he beat out a C in your quarterback intent Tender Magnum, but they really liked it is why you that's not easily done. Any plate through a couple of years of injuries and things and you know, people start to say, what is he really, You know, he's playing with a bad thumb. He's one of the best shoulder, but he kept trying to play through these things. Then you get healthy the entire off season and if you go back and punch up the tape throughout the year All the stuff you saw Pro day You saw him do in game. You know, you saw the accuracy. You saw the big arm. You saw the off platform throws, But she also saw the throes from the pocket. There were accurate, sharp. Those a deep ball well. Um, really carved up. You see half in the bowl game Now you have missed a few players Don't get me wrong. But the same time that kid was that he was dynamite. They get to play the big time scheduled now, But if you go back and look at the schedule B, why you had set prior to co vid He would have played some of those games. And I think he would have acquitted himself quite nicely. So I felt like that moment, um, was there and the tape was there. Do you think the a the pro day that everyone got the watch on TV? Probably did it for the consensus for the rest of the country. I think the scouts and the teams were already locked in on him at that point. Number three. We've heard Mac Jones so often that it is also felt like, well, it's very predictable. You do not have the Niners it three selecting Mack Jones. You have them taking North Dakota State's Trey Lance. Is this based out of information that you have, or just because you believe Trey Lance is a greater prospect with better potential than Mack Jones. Well, it's a combo. There's information there and speculation and it's not coming from San Francisco because, you know darn well. No, I've no. John went for a long time. But he's smarter than to have a conversation with me about that. Okay, I've no Kyle's shadow and you think I was going to spend any time discussing that now That's what teams do. Then they do it well. When I talked with other people who are in high positions, right, the player personnel people that GM people look the top scout and we just kick it back and forth along the way. There is so much conversation. Everyone is pretty much said something similar to this DEA and it's in and here it is. Matt Jones would be a specific pick for Kyle. There's things that he likes in a quarterback. There's things he loves and Mack Jones if he feels like he provides it. Have any cold qualms. And no worries about confidence level of taking the guy three that everyone else would have is the number five quarterback Because he fits what he does, but other people have said to May I don't see going that high up. Mack Jones at three. If I'm going that high up, I'm going for the better athlete. Better prospect Michael Ball ball ball, So that's part of the thing that goes with it. Think Trey lamp can run that offense, and we'll see if they keep grapple or not. You've seen all the rumors heard all the rumors. Does he go? Does he not go? That kid. Did you see the potential that Josh Allen happening with trey lamps? That's a good break down. I like that in terms of trading up If you're the 40. Niners is Charles Davis. NFL network joins us this morning and you got to trade away multiple first round draft picks. Are you going to do that for Mack Jones or the guy with the higher ceiling and everybody believed the tray lands if it works can really work. Do you think the tray lands has the second highest ceiling out of the quarterbacks in this draft behind Trevor Laurence, or the third behind Zach Wilson as well? I think that the highest feeling I do more than Trevor Laurence. Yeah, because in the reason I say that D A is not the Trevor launch can't be exceptional and I expect him to be He's closer to it because of where he's been who the games he's played in, right the attention that he's had for so long will lead Elevens. You name it. So is he closer to his feeling more than likely? Just because the way he's been coached up with Trey Land is not that he hasn't received coaching that's followed. He had We fight in North Dakota state..

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