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It nourishes and moisturizes feels good. Your skin is your story. Tell it with bassolino to see somebody like myself. Couldn't count been mush. Did you hear what. I said what you see what i don't want you to do it. Make me mad. Get mad about some bit belonged to me. I'm offering you can't read this you blind. I can't help you when you run on with that. Listen i'm gonna tell you this. And i'm gonna tell it to you straight. I'm coming down that barber shop. I'm fairly boost out and started cutting now one thing i don't want to do and how to get into no tussle which not worry about getting to know that you bring your different muschamp much. Go around but i'm coming down coming down that this evening now. What my shot. You'll go get your what bob blind man. What you go do you go see it. Come and either. You hear me pray. You got the money to pay my boobs on them. I don't want money your plan jay cutler. You understand what i say you. I'm understanding what you're saying. If i got call the law about you being discriminatory law you can call in and you want to call that. Might you don't do that now. You bring your good name. Won't be waiting coming down that dizzy coming and oncoming to up your good. You got the discriminate disney. That'd be the how they give me. Give me and said you is do one that dude a and round bob shop. You don't call my personal number. You call do that. Make them some in looking for a job. See your own personal phone. You'll go watch tone what you do you don't you. I tell you what you go. Why'd you go watch me get on your disea- thank god. One more thing. I need to say to you. That's his nephew. Time from the steve. Harvey morning show. You just got prank. Baio cousin over i miss as you man. What is the bad is. I'm talking about the bad. It's radio show in the land steam. Harvard monin ship with a blind man. Tan chris what i'm saying. Let him feel his way around you. He ain't nothing wrong with that may have a job. I wanna hip man wanna work wanna work on his own and do their own dream bald. You had a head full of hair. Thank you so much coming up next strawberry letter subject. He wants to skip. The best part will get into it right after this. You're listening to morning. Show pack your bags because we are sending you to the twenty twenty one iheartradio music festival. Iheartradio has teamed up with one of dot com to give you the ultimate trip to las vegas now through september fourteenth claim. Your free limited edition. Iheartradio music festival digital token every day on one of dot com. The more you collect the more chances to win visit one dot com now to claim your free iheartradio music festival digital tokens. That's one of dot com. Hey what's up everybody. It's donald phase on and this is grab from fake doctors real friends we are here to announce the second live version of the podcast. Live show to live harder. September ninth. It's thursday it'll be six. Pm on the west coast nine pm on east coast and joel's going to tell you a where you go to buy tickets you're just going to go to on location live dot com slash fake doctors. Real friends we'll see what the live show. Thanks guys you love trivia if you love the hugely popular stuff you should know podcast than the trivial pursuit game stuff. You should know addition as for you with six hundred questions. Leered and unbelievable trivia in categories like mitts. Legends and conspiracies asked why s case alexa mix of topics handpicked by podcast hosts josh and get the trivial pursuit game stuff. You should know addition today wherever you get your favorite lord game..

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