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Incomplete. Ono intercepted. He's able to keep a hand underneath it. And you Cuomo has the pick. Play stopped all of a sudden and then the official after waiting indicated a catch. Five career exceptions. First one of the year from a qualm A culture has heard you talking about a one armed on how good he was actually could area's Tony fell down on the out route he slipped and so Explains why the throw looks so unusual. There was not really a Florida gator in the area again. That's what because could area's Tony slipped and An interception from Israel. No qualms at all too familiar sight. Last year, when South Carolina was playing. It's the number three ranked team Georgia he had three interceptions. That helps out on that, and a tip's screen pass left side intended for the wide receiver or the running back. Excuse me. The wide receiver van knocked out of the air by Andrew Chatfield, the defensive end on South Carolina's first play of the turnover. By the way, first interception thrown this year by Trashcan. We threw all those bouquets at him. He turns it over and Carolina with a short field here. Second antenna coming from the Gator 39 yard line. 38 17, Though Florida on top Again. I'm not going to put that one squarely on Trask is his receiver did slip. The shotgun. Parent up, bill looks to throw on second Look out Hit is he throws a.

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