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A soccer team has eleven players on the field at any one time suppose one is a superstar and you worst player is maybe only forty five percent as good as a superstar because soccer is a sport where everyone on the field depends on everyone else that fortyfive percent player can make one mistake and completely negate the skill of the best player you could have eight beautiful passes neuro but if you're worse for your fortyfive percent blair botches the ninth than all the previous eight beautiful passes are all waste that's right and because of the nature of soccer the that those a beautiful passes may have only increased your likelihood of victory by a small percent but then it goes right back to zero carr's somebody turns the ball over sally ann anderson did a statistical analysis they looked at the top soccer clubs in europe and showed that if those teams upgraded their poorest players instead of their best players they would score more goals and win more games a lot more soccer is a weak link came yes having a better superstar was of course better but actually having a better ended the bench or xi guy on the pitch was actually more influential to whether you one matches renown which would be the exact opposite of basketball gay basketball is probably the opposite end of the continuum from if you think about soccer is may be the weakest link sport basketball's probably the most superstar driven teamsport that we have even the greatest basketball teams often have one and sometimes even to players who are barely better than mediocre.

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