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The opening of the new us embassy in jerusalem marred today by violence at the gaza border dozens of palestinians killed thousands wounded by israeli military gunfire abc's terry moran from jerusalem the president's soninlaw jared kushner pointedly scored the protesters those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution there was music and prayers led by pastor robert jefferson dallas who has preached the jews are destined for hell along with mormons hindus and muslims president trump spoke via a video statement the united states remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement at least fifty five protesters were killed according to palestinian health authorities and more than twenty seven hundred injured the white house blamed hamas for the deaths along the israeli gaza border state house hearing tomorrow on a bill to ban schools from denying meals to kids who cannot pay for them or whose parents are behind meal plan payments sponsor state senator cynthia stone cream wants to end the practice known as meal shaming if in fact do for unpaid bills that should be dealt with by the parents or guardian but not shaming on humiliating the child cream also noting children are also punished by being a sq looted from school events and even report cards being withheld due to a meal debt declaration of no confidence in the leadership of umass president mardi men and the board trustees it comes from a group representing the faculty at umass boston they feel they're getting left behind while umass amherst is getting to campuses with the acquisition of mount ida college in newton trustees chair robert manning says they'll continue.

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